Who am I?

Fleur is an alter ego. My friends and family call me Jane. Call me which ever you prefer – I answer to both!

Now, what else might you want to know?

I was born on the Cornish coast and, though I have travelled and lived elsewhere, the sea called me back, and now I live just yards from where I was born.

I read to live other lives and visit other worlds. I have been doing it for as long as I remember and it is as natural as breathing now.

I tend to read a lot of older books, and books from smaller presses. There are so many books that are under-appreciated, that could get lost, and they call me so loudly.

But that’s not to say I don’t read current books too. I do, and I find much to enjoy and much to admire.

I find it really difficult to explain just what I like, but browse through the archives and I’m sure you will get an idea.

I am a reader, and I don’t consider myself a critic or a reviewer. I repond to books emotionally and I try to explain that reaction as honestly and fairly as I can.

I do this simply to celebrate books, and to fix them more firmly in my memory bank.

9 responses

  1. Hi Jane,

    Thank you for organising the wonderful Margery Sharp Day! I came to her from Simon at Stuck in a Book. She is SO good and enjoyable, thoughtful and just downright funny – I’ve read more than I’ve reviewed.

    I’m loving reading the other reviews and I’ve managed two on LibraryThing. Now, I’m off to begin The Faithful Servants.

    Best wishes

    • Hello Sarah,

      It’s lovely to meet you, and to know that there are more people that I knew out there enjoying Margery’s writing. I’ve read and enjoyed your reviews, and I’ll include them in my post-birthday round-up post.

      Jane x

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