War Through The Generations Challenge WWII


This is the first challenge of a new blog dedicated to challenges relate to war and its impact.

Their first challenge beginning January 1, 2009 is World War II .

Readers must commit to reading at least five books throughout the year.

The books can be fiction or non-fiction, and they can be about any aspect of WWII. WWII should be the primary or secondary theme, and it doesn’t matter whether the book takes place during the war or after the war.

I am by nature an escapist reader, but I am engaged to a lover of non-fiction and he has inspired me to learn a little more about the real world out there!

The six books I plan to read are less about the war itself than people whose lives were affected by it.

1. A Fine of 200 Francs,  by Elsa Triolet

Elsa Triolet worked with the French Resistance and this is fiction bases on her experiences. This book was first published illegally by Underground presses.

2. Doreen, by Barbara Noble

The story of a child evacuated from London to the country who becomes torn beween her mother and the family that took her in.

3. Few Eggs and No Oranges, by Vere Hodgson

Vere Hodgson worked for a London charity during the Second World War. She began writing a diary at the start of the Blitz.

4. Good Evening, Mrs Craven: the Wartime Stories of Mollie Panter-Downes

These short stories first appeared in The New Yorker between 1939 and 1944. They are snapshots of people at defining points in their lives, viewed against the backdrop of the War.

5. On the Other Side: Letters to my Children from Germany 1940-46, by Mathilde Wolff-Mönckeberg

This is a volume of letters written (but never posted) by a 60 year-old woman, to her children living abroad, about the experience of living in Hamburg during the war. They were discovered in a drawer in the 1970s and published in England and Germany in 1979.

6. The Quest for Christa T. by Christa Wolf

This is the story of a young woman growing up in Nazi Germany.