The Classics Club Spin has spun me a book …..

….. not the book I was hoping for, but a story that I have a long history with.

redblackIn 1993 I watched a BBC adaptation of Stendhal’s The Red and The Black, starring the then barely known Ewan McGregor and Rachel Weisz. I liked it, I thought I might try the book one day …..

In 2007 I spotted a book I’d always intended to read in a charity shop: The Red and the Black by Stendhal. I brought it home, added it to LibraryThing, put it on a shelf. And there it stayed, because I did want to read it but it looked big and dense, and its moment never quite came ….

In 2012 when I scanned my shelves for books that I needed a push to read for my Classics Club list I spotted it again: The Red and the Black by Stendhal. It was a bone fide classic, I hadn’t read it, and so it went on to the list.

And the rest you know. I put it on my spin list and its number came up.

I would like to read it, but there are seventy five chapters and I don’t think it’s going to be an easy read.

I plan to treat it as a serial – it was originally published as a serial – and read a few chapters a day over the course of the month.

I hope I’ll be glad that I’ve been given the push to read it. But time will tell …

I’d love to know if you’ve read my spin book.

And tell me, what book has the Classics Club spun for you?