The Girl from the Chartreuse by Pierre Péju


“The Girl from the Chartreuse” is a story that will break your heart.

Vollard is driving his van back to his bookshop when a little girl runs out into the road in front of him.

Éva, the little girl, had been running home from school, anxious because her mother failed to meet her.

Thérèse, her mother, was running late. She is well intentioned but she isn’t dealing well with the responsibilities of a single mother.

And so a tragic accident happens.

Vollard visits to the hospital where Éva is lying unconscious. It is clear that he identifies with the lonely child, and he reaches back into his own childhood and the memories of books that have filled his life to find stories to tell her.

Can he reach Éva? And can she save him from his solitary life?

This is a striking tale of childhood, loneliness and learning to accept and understand our differences. The beautifully drawn characters and vivid storytelling draw you in and make you hope even when all seems lost.

A short book, but it holds a story that will stay with you.

(Translated by Ina Rilke)

Teaser Tuesdays / It’s Tuesday Where Are You?


I am driving my van through Paris. The weather is terrible and I am caught up in the school run, but I have several boxes of second hand books on board and I really must get them back to my shop. A small girl has just run out in front of me. I am slamming on my brakes but I am skidding and I can’t avoid her.

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Just quote a couple of spoiler-free sentences the book you’re reading to tempt other readers.

Here is mine:-

“That evening road sufaces are slippery,vehicles whip up great sprays of water, windscreen wipers work overtime. Éva is still running along the side road parallel to the avenue, stumbling, bumping into people and metal or concrete barriers, grazing a knee.”

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This all comes courtesy of The Girl from the Chartreuse by Pierre Péju .