My New Favourite Artist

I was going to write one of those dull I didn’t mean to disappear but I was distracted and I lacked the inspiration to write type of posts. Before I got around to it though, inspiration struck!

This afternoon we wandered up to the Penlee Museum to see an exhibition.

Different Ways of Seeing brings together works by Bryan Pearce, Joan Gillchrest and Fred Yates. Three very different artists, contemporaries, who all painted my part of the world.

All three interesting artists – and an exhibition well worth visiting if you should find yourself in West Cornwall before 12th November –  but it was Joan Gillchrest’s work that I fell in love with quite completely.

Now I lack the vocabulary to explain what makes her work so special. But I can tell you that there is a wonderful website, where you can learn more and see many of her pictures, here. And I have borrowed a few pictures from that site to show you my part of the world through her eyes …

Just Looking

Looking from the fishing village of Mousehole, where Joan Gillchrest lived for many years, to St Michael’s Mount, where my fiance grew up. I could see the Mount from my bedroom when I was growing up, but I didn’t know he was over there …

Visiting Lanyon Quoit

After Lunch at the Lobster Pot

The Mount seen from Mousehole again, from the window of the restaurant where my aunt used to work.

A Most Important Match

A Most Important Match

Briar and I walk past this very bowling club when we are heading to Newlyn green to play ball.

Saying Hello to Alfred

The Bandstand, Morrab Gardens, Penzance

A few liberties have been taken with the setting, but this is unmistakably my bandstand. I used to walk past it on my way to junior school, and I still walk past nearly every day, with Briar or on my way to town.

I wish I was still fishing today

The view from Newlyn, just below my grandparents’ house, looking towards Penzance. My parents were married and my brother and I were baptised in the church you can see in the background. Our house is in there too …