Lady Into Fox by David Garnett


Lady into Fox? Yes – quite literally!

Richard and Silvia Tebick have been married for just a few months and are living quietly in a house on the outskirts of a quiet English village when, suddenly and without warning, Silvia turns into a fox.

At first Silvia is unhappy with her animal form. She tries to walk upright, dress, eat, play cards, wear clothes as she always has.

Over time though, Sylvia’s characteristics become less human and more vixen. Her husband is dismayed and the time comes when he can no longer confine his wife to their house and garden. An unhappy ending seems inevitable.

This would be an easy story to dismiss. Yes, it is absurd. Yes, it is unbelievable.

Somehow though, it works. Why?

David Garnett’s narrative voice is quite perfect. And, though his style is quite matter-of-fact, his story has the sense of a modern myth.

Most of all though, it is because very real emotions shine through. At first the couple’s love holds them together, but as their natures diverge they are both torn between the love that pulls them together and the differing desires that pull them apart.

And so, if you can suspend disbelief, you might just fall in love with this book!

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I am at Rylands, near Stokoe in Oxfordshire. Richard and Silvia Tebrick have lived here since they married a few months ago. They are a nice couple and they seem to be very happy, but something seems to be not quite right. They dismissed all the staff a while ago, saying they would be going away, yet they show no sign of leaving. And they haven’t been seen at in the village at all. Of course there may be a perfectly simple explanation.

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Just quote a couple of spoiler-free sentences the book you’re reading to tempt other readers.

Here is mine:-

“A grown lady is changed straightway into a fox. There is no explaining that away by any natural philosophy.”

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This all comes courtesy of Lady Into Fox by David Garnett