A Wonderful Artist Who Shares Her Name With a Literary Heroine

My local second-hand book dealer has, like many others in these difficult times, branched out into other areas.

He sells bookish ephemera, paintings, posters, cards …

Today, while I was trying to resist going inside, I had a look through a box of cards and I pulled out one or two that particularly caught my eye.

They all featured paintings by a Cornish artist – JO MARCH – it was very strange, seeing such a familiar name in a very different context.

The cards were lovely. They catch the Cornish countryside – not the famous landmarks, but the fields and country homes that you might not notice – absolutely perfectly.

And some have a lovely touch of magic.

Here are a few for you to see:

(I can’t find a website for the artist, but these images are borrowed from Tabretts Fine Art, Red Rag Gallery and Rainy Day Gallery)

Jasper Farm

Fairy Procession

Night Walk, Ivy Cottage



Under The Moon