A Dog Blogs: I’m ready for summer!

Hello bookish friends – it’s me – Briar!

It’s funny, I didn’t do a blog for ages and ages, and then two came along in rapid succession.

Jane said the blogging can be like that. And so can buses.

I have to tell you that I went to the groomer this morning, to have my double coat hand-stripped and to have be other bits brushed and trimmed and polished.

When Jane took the day off, and when we got up early and went out in the car I thought we were going for a lovely walk in the country. But we weren’t. My groomer is very nice, but I don’t really like being left there to be ‘done’.

Us borders have double coats, so clipping doesn’t work on us. The old hairs have to be stripped out and the new hairs have to be left behind. It doesn’t hurt if it’s done right, but it is a bit itchy. I had my ears and whiskers tidied up too, and a lot of general grooming.

I was very good, my groomer told Jane that when she came back to settle my account and drive me home.

Jane said I looked like a different dog – and that I looked lovely,

Here are pictures to prove it!


The first picture was taken in the par a few days ago, when it was very warm and so we had a bit of a sit-down.

The second picture was taken today. We stopped off at the boating pool on the way home, so that I could have a swim and a run on the grass.

It’s going to take me a while to get used to being a smart dog again, but I’m pleased that I’m ready for the summer to come.

I’m having a rest now, and I’ll be going to the beach later, because it’s low tide at walk time.

I will be back soon. And Jane will be back sooner, to talk about books I expect ….

10 responses

  1. You look very smart Briar. I once took my retriever to be groomed – the groomer used to finish him with a hair dryer, & after his blow dry he looked just like the Andrex puppy. We stopped at our usual woodland walk on the way home, & the first thing he did was roll in mud, forest bark & other delightful materials. I’m sure he thought it was a great improvement.

  2. Hello Briar, from Morgan the Orange Cat again. My human is a bit jealous of this idea, as although she knows you CAN clip cats, she can’t bring herself to do it (and I look rather baleful at the best of times, apparently, so …) but I like to make sure she’s still alive in the middle of the night by waking her with a cough, and giving her a nice gift of a hairball every now and then to keep her on her toes. Doesn’t do to be toooooo predictable, does it! Last time I woke her suddenly, she commented to Mr Human that she was glad she’d been practising sit-ups with a medicine ball in the gym. I don’t know what that means, but I’m glad she was able to sit up, grab me and chuck me off the bed in one smooth movement as I do like to keep her trained up and flexible just in case she needs to climb up to rescue me from something. Bye for now – miaow!

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