Dog Walking and a Musical Interlude

In the morning a walk to the boating pond, where we’ve been taking Briar ever since she was old enough to wall that far. she loves playing with balls on the grass, and in and out of the water. And then we walked home along the promenade, early enough that we were ahead of the masses we knew would appear on a sunny Sunday.


In the afternoon the promenade was busy but the beach was empty and the tide was low. I took Briar down to the beach. She waited half-way down the steps, hoping that I would throw down a ball from the top. When she realised that wasn’t going to happen she went on down for a look around. And when she saw that I was heading out to the rocks she dashed down the beach to catch up with me. She loves scrambling across rocks and splashing about in rock pools.


It was lovely to have the beach to ourselves for most of the walk, but a pity that more people don’t appreciate it as we do.

We could hear the music from the hotel at the end of our terrace from the beach. This Sunday it was a man with a guitar, and I heard one song that I particularly love. I was far too young to appreciate in its day, but when I heard it years later ….


This evening we didn’t get beyond the back lane when Briar sat down – telling me she’s had her full quoata of walks for the day, thank you very much!

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  1. You are so lucky living close to the beach, and they are such wonderful places when no-one else is around. I love walking along sand or shingle, and grubbing about in rock pools, and just sitting watching the waves and listening the sound they make.

    • I do take a book when we go to the park, where Briar likes to sit and watch the world go by, but days when we have a low tide and good weather at walk time don’t come around so often, so we just walk and play and stop a while to contemplate when they do.

    • There are negative points too – the wind, some kinds of visitors, and not much that will grow in the garden – but the positives outweigh them and I do appreciate that we’re very lucky to live where we do,

      • Walking on the beach always recharges me. I could see why tourists might be annoying sometimes, and the garden might be disappointing, but I think I’d love it.

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