It feels like time for an A to Z ….

…. because I’ve been a little distracted by life and work, and because I don’t think I’ve done one for a while now.


A is for ANOTHER TALE FROM ANOTHER ENGLISH TOWN by Lanterns on the Lake. It’s still love.

B is for BLUE HOUSE. My ‘big knitting’ of the moment, using some lovely Rowan Summer Tweed that has been waiting to be knitted for ages.

C is for COACHES. We know the tourist season is here when we see big coaches going up and down the promenade.

D is for A DISTANT MIRROR: The Calamitous 14th Century by Barbara H Tuchman. It’s on my library pile and it looks wonderful.

E is for ELEVEN bags of books waiting to be dropped off at a charity shop. I’ve been spring cleaning, I’ve been as ruthless as I can be, and I really must get rid of them before I’m tempted to go through them again.

F is for FLIGHT by Isabel Ashdown. I’ve read it, I really liked it, and I’ll tell you more soon.

G is for G B STERN. I was so pleased to find a copy of ‘Modesta’, her 1929 novel.

H is for HOCKING. Mary Hocking Reading Week is nearly here, and I have a book on hand.

I is for INDEXING. I’m sorting out my tags and categories, and I’m pleased with the system I’ve developed but it’s going to take time to bring everything up to date.

J is for JULIENNE PEELER OR SPIRALIZER? I have the book, I love the ideas, and now I need to make the decision.

K is for KNITTING NEEDLES. My circular needles are living in a hat box at the moment, but I’m sure there’s a better way.

L is for LONG GRASS. Briar had a lovely run in long grass in the fields near my mother’s nursing home before we went visiting this afternoon.

M is for MISSING. We’ve looked everywhere for my tablet, and I know that it’s in the house somewhere, but it seems to have vanished into thin air.

N is for NEW PLANS. The library is moving in September, we see the plans for the area the new library will have in the town hall, and I like the layout but it’s clear that it’s going to be much, much smaller.

O is for OBLIVIOUS. I remember buying ‘High Land Hard Rain’ with my first student grant cheque and I still think that it was a very good investment.

P is for POLICY AND PASSION by Rosa Praed. The book in progress for my 100 Years of Books project – it dates from 1981.

Q is for QUEENIE. My ‘big knitting’ of the moment. It’s a hat for children but I love it and others have up-scaled it too.

R is for RED. I ordered ‘The Red Notebook’ by Antoine Laurain from the library, it arrived yesterday and I collected it this morning.

S is for SPIN. I didn’t finish my book for the last Classics Club Spin. I still want to read Balzac but it wasn’t the right moment, so I chose another book from my list to read instead.

T is for THEME. I was experimenting with some new looks a few days ago, and somehow I lost my background and couldn’t find it again.

U is for TRENCROM. This week’s destination for Briar’s big Sunday walk.

V is for VIRAGO MODERN CLASSICS. I’ve been checking Victorian titles to see which might fit onto my 100 Years of Books project. ‘The Semi-Detached Couple and the Semi-Detached house’, ‘The Beth Book’, ‘Red Pottage’ and ‘Diana of the Crossways’ are all pencilled in now.

W is for WINTER WHEAT. I love the patter – especially the version pictured a little way up the page – but I’m not sure that I have the patience for such a big project in very fine yarn.

X is for XCLUSION. Usually dogs are banned from the town beach from the first day of May to the last day of September but there are no signs on the promenade. It might just be that the council forgot to put them up, but we’ve decided to assume that we’re allowed until we’re told we’re not.

Y is for YOUR LIBRARY RADIO from has been a lovely soundtrack to my life over the last few busy days.

Z is for ZZZZZZ. A park walk, a field walk, a nursing home visit and a beach walk – no wonder Briar is sound asleep in her chair.

25 responses

  1. Intriguing list! Your D selection is a fascinating read; but then I read it years ago when I could speed read and still retain a few things. I plan to re-read this one because it’s a time period in history I find interesting

    • I read a straightforward history and I thinks this is the book I need to give me a better understanding. I’ve ordered it from that library for now, but I suspect I’ll be wanting a copy to keep before I’m done. It’s often the way!

  2. I’ve read The Semi-Attached Couple and The Semi-Detatched House, they are good candidates for your 100 year project. The others look interesting too!

  3. I love my spiralzer, courgette spaghetti instead of pasta for a spag bol!
    Lovely to catch up on all you have been up to.

  4. How strange! I picked up a book by Antoine Laurain (The President’s Hat) in the charity shop yesterday just because I liked the sound of it! 🙂

  5. Briar is a female dog?I did query this before as one person said “he was wearing a knitted hat” you had made.

  6. Diana of the Crossways is a stunning novel, based on a true story as well. Difficult read due to Meredith’s language but what a writer!

  7. I love these A-Z posts you do 🙂 I tried doing one myself but I ran out of ideas. Sorry to hear you lost your background. I did particularly like it but then again this new background is nice too. Well done for clearing out 11 bags of books! I am planning a bit of a clear out too.

  8. I have been having a good cull of my books too, mainly my tbr pile, and it feels good to take the bags to the charity shops! I know what you mean about looking through them again though if you don’t get them out of the house!

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