Margery Sharp Day is just a week away!

It’s happening on 25th January – her 110th birthday – and the plan is for as many people as possible to read one of Margery’s books and post about it on her birthday.

You don’t have to have a blog, you can post on Goodreads, Twitter, Facebook, Librarything, Booklikes – wherever you like!

I’d just ask that you tell me about it, so that I can share your post and include you in the round-up that will follow a day or two after the event.

All of the details – a badge, a bibliography, and links to lovely reviews – are here.

I know I’ve said all of this before but I just had to say it again. Because I’d hate anyone to miss it. And, most of all, because I am so thrilled that so many people have gone to so much trouble to find an out of print Margery Sharp novel to read.

margery sharp day

Cat is reading on the computer – which she doesn’t really like – so I do hope she is enjoying The Sun in Scorpio.

Cynthia has awarded The Flowering Thorn a full five stars.

Lise Lillywhite has transported Audrey to Somerset,

Kirsty has read The Innocents, and told me that she found it hard to put down.

I’ve spotted Anbolyn reading Britannia Mews

Karen has hunted and she had found her copy of The Nutmeg Tree.

Ali has started The Foolish Gentlewoman, and she tells me that she likes the style.

And Lory told me that she had two books in mind.

I think – I hope – that there might be others too.

Do let me know!

But I don’t want to put anyone under any pressure.

Posts on the day would be lovely, but I’m delighted to see people reading Margery’s books on any day of the year.

I’ve been struggling to pick a single book to read, but I haven’t spotted anyone else reading The Gipsy in the Parlour, and so I took my copy from the shelf.

And I have just one more thing to say – Margery Sharp Day – is just one week away!

20 responses

  1. Can’t wait! I’ll be posting about Cluny Brown and The Nutmeg Tree — books with two very different, but delightful heroines.

  2. Thank you for introducing me to Margery Sharp! I found a copy of The Innocents and started reading it yesterday – very hard to put down. I am entranced with her writing. I thought I would check my church library as they have many old, out of print books and there was a beautiful copy of The Gipsy in the Parlour. So, now I have another book of Margery Sharp to look forward to! It’s the little (bookish) things that can bring joy to one’s day!

    • Oh, that’s wonderful. I’ve loved all of Margery Sharp’s books that I’ve read but I have a particular attachment to The Innocents. I had a brother because I had a brother who might have been called an innocent and I found many things that were so right and so touching.

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  4. Britannia Mews is a wonderful book with a feisty, funny and free thinking heroine. I’ve bought at least five copies to give to friends and they have all loved it too. I’ve read many of the others but now intend to seek out The Innocents – something to look forward to.

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  6. Thank you SO MUCH for doing this, Jane! I’ll see what I can contribute. As I see that Margery’s later titles are well represented, perhaps a glimpse into her rather obscure second novel, Fanfare for Tin Trumpets, might be appreciated. Or Harlequin House, perhaps. Just finished The Nutmeg Tree, and am looking forward to reading Karen’s review. And everybody else’s!

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  9. Almost finished Cluny Brown. Thanks for introducing me to Margera Sharp. It’s just the kind of book I need right now. Will post on Goodreads, but it will be tomorrow in England by then…

    • Hello Gabi. I’m delighted to have made the introduction. There’s no such thing as ‘late’ – Margery Sharp Day was always meant to be a focus – and hopefully the start of something – never a cage.

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