The Spin has Spun ….

…. and I am very pleased with the result.

I knew that I would be, because I really wanted to read every one of the books on my spin list. But I’m particularly pleased with this one, because it’s a book I’ve wanted to read for a long time, because I needed that extra little push to make me pick it up, and because it fills a year in my 100 Years of Books project.

Lucky number thirteen brought me:


‘I Pose’ by Stella Benson (1915)



“In this incredibly original satirical novel we are introduced to the two main characters as The Gardener and The Suffragette, and so they remain throughout.  We begin by following The Gardener in a shambolic and romantic walking journey, as his inexperience leads him a merry dance through youth’s many poses, away from his shabby boarding house in London, toward the coast. Along the way, he falls for The Suffragette, but she rejects him. The problem is, she likes him, despite herself. But is she capable of traditional love? And so we also follow her, led through not only her political convictions, but also all the less certain parts of her personality, about which she is blindingly honest. Can she fit love for The Gardener into her busy passion for women’s rights? Does she really want to? She thinks probably not. And yet ….”

* * * * *

Did you spin?

What are you going to read?

26 responses

  1. A great aunt of mine used to tell my mum and her sisters ( who were then in their 20s in 1970s) Gloria Steinem and Simone de Beauvoir were washout foggeys (only she could have called Beauvoir a “foggey” ) and said that Stella Benson was one of the first truly modern feminists…though neither my mum nor I have read her works!!

  2. Oooh lovely – I read her second book recently and absolutely loved it. I hope you enjoy this and I’ll look forward to hearing what you think of it!

  3. Interesting! I got Bliss and Other Stories by Katherine Mansfield, which was also a pleasant choice (though not for so many reasons as yours).

  4. I enjoyed I Pose when I read it a few months ago. It’s an odd book but a very engaging one, I couldn’t put it down once I’d started it. I think you’ll like it.

    • I’m very glad I got the little push towards that book. It’s always appealed but I was worried that long first chapter Now I’ve looked more closely I can see that there are some natural pauses and I’m much happier.

      You’re welcome to be obvious – it’s lovely that a publisher loves his books!

  5. I couldn’t quite place Stella Benson, but a quick internet search showed her to be the niece of Mary Chomondeley, and the friend of Winifred Holtby & Vera Brittain, which intrigues me, as does what I’m reading about this book.

  6. This looks like a lovely read – adding it to my wishlist, too (sigh – massive wishlist!). It’s always good when one slots into an as yet unread Century year, too, isn’t it!

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