An A to Z as another month begins …..

I haven’t done one of these for a while, and it just felt like time ….


A is for ANBOLYN who will be hosting Mary Stewart Reading Week again this autumn. It begins on 14th September and I an leaning towards a Greek book or an Arthurian book.

B is for BROOME STAGES by Clemence Dane. It tells the story of a theatrical family, and it’s line up for the 1931 slot in my 100 Years of Books.

C is for CLAPOTIS. Mine is knitted and now it needs a good blocking. It’s a lovely pattern and I suspect that – like Jo – I will be making another one of these days.

D is for DEVIL IN THE MARSHALSEA. It shot up my list of reading priorities after I heard Antonia Hodgson speak at the Penzance Literary Festival.

E is for ESTHER FREUD. Her new novel – Mr Mac and Me – in so enticingly wrapped, and my hopes are high.

F is for FOLLY. August Folly by Angela Thirkell must be read this month, of course it must!

G is for GREAT BRITISH BAKE OFF – back next Wednesday!

H is for HAT. I really don’t need another hat, but Asymcloche is so unusual, the construction is so interesting, and I’m sure I have some suitable yarn in one of my storage boxes ….

I is for I DON’T WANT TO BE A BRIDE by Vanessa Carlton – a lovely song.

J is for JILL by Amy Dillwyn, sitting it my library pile waiting to 1884 slot in my 100 Years of Books

K is for KAREN MAITLAND. I started reading The Vanishing Witch last night and I think – I hope – it’s going to be a return to form.

L is for LOST – one notebook full of book lists. I know that I can rebuild it, but I was trying to stop myself spending too much time hunting for books instead of reading them.

M is for MARGARET KENNEDY READING WEEK. I am delighted that there has been so much interest, and I am really looking forward to getting things underway on 6th October.

N is for NEWLYN GREEN. Works to restore the terrible damage done by the storms last winter are well underway, and Briar is hoping it won’t be too long before she can go there and play like she used to.

O is for THE ORACLES by Margaret Kennedy. It’s on its way to me from the library’s reserve stock.

P is for PHINEAS FINN by Anthony Trollope. I’ve only just begun but I am quite sure that it will be love.

Q is for QUITE SIMPLE WHEN YOU KNOW HOW. I’ve just learned entrelac knitting, and I’m making a scarf.

R is for ROWAN MAGAZINE NO. 56. My copy arrived a little while ago and there are so many things I’d love to knit.

S is for SUNSHINE – It’s back today, after a horrible, wet Friday.

T is for TELL ME A STORY – It’s lovely to see Cat come back to blogging again.

U is for UNEXPECTED HAT. It was a hat I made a few years ago. it came up a little small, it didn’t feel quite right, but I didn’t want to unrip it, because the yarn was sticky and there were bobbles. So it just sat around until last week, when I decided to wash it and pass it on. It grew just a fraction, and now it fits, I love it and I’m going to keep it!

V is for Virago. All Virago All August is underway in the LibraryThing group, but it’ll be Very Virago All August here, because I know that I get more out of books when I mix things up.

W is for WOMEN IN TRANSLATION MONTH. I brought The Awakening of Miss Prim by Natalia Danmartin Fenollera home from the library this morning.

X is for EXITS. There has been some major sorting out, and now seven bags of books are sitting by the back door, ready to leave.

Y is for YARN SHOPPING. I’ve been restrained this year, but a 40% reduction on Cascade 220 in a closing-down sale was too fine a bargain to resist.

Z is for ZZZZZZZ. There’s a dog – who has enjoyed three walks and a nursing home visit today – asleep under the television.

10 responses

  1. These are so clever! Love the idea…and YES, August Folly, of course. Count me in. I’m trying to get back to my Angela Thirkell first love; had planned Wild Strawberries for June but got distracted in so many ways. So I can’t miss August Folly!

  2. I can’t wait to see your Clapotis. It is a lovely pattern to knit and no doubt will make more at some point.

    I am getting myself sorted for the two reading weeks. Though I might need to get a bit ahead of my reading as there is so much I want to read at the moment. Plus I finished my first Angel Thirkell yesterday and it looks like I might have to look out August Folly.

  3. It’s great to hear you’re joining in with August’s Women in Translation focus. I look forward to reading your review of Miss Prim, and the author is new to me.

    I’m also anticipating the return of The Great British Bake Off – what’s not to like about cake?!

  4. I’m reading The Devil in the Marshalsea now and enjoying it. I’m also looking forward to both reading weeks and have been leaning towards either a Greek or Arthurian Mary Stewart too!

  5. I have The Devil in the Marshalsea’ on my pile as well and am really looking forward to it. And a friend has just completed her PhD on Clemence Dane and will be delighted when I tell her I know another fan.

  6. Broome Stages – I have this lurking on the want-to-read shelf but every time I think I’m ready its sheer mass frightens me! But it looks so promising… One day. 🙂 I’m keen to hear your impression of it.

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