A Dog Blogs: I’m sorry we disappeared without warning ….

WP_20140624_003We didn’t mean to but life kept happening, days kept being over without any blogging being done,and then we realised that quite a long time had gone by.

We have almost caught up with ourselves now though, and soon we will be back.

There will be books and there will be knitting and there will be other things.

There will be posting, there will be commenting and there will be answering.

But tonight I am going to carry on sitting in the shade, because it is much too hot for us dogs …..

5 responses

  1. Life gets in the way sometimes, doesn’t it Briar? Look forward to hearing from you and Jane when you can!

  2. It’s summer, time for some down time (especially after the storms you had this winter). You just sit in that shade, Briar, and make Jane sit there with you. Time enough for blogs when autumn creeps in again.
    Esme (and Tui)

  3. It is too hot for Bears as well, Briar, so we sympathise. Life has been happening around here as well and we don’t always cope very well. However, Our Friend Alex tells us it is better than the alternative.

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