Knitting Resolutions: Project 4

Back at the start of the year I made a resolution. I made up a dozen bags of single skeins and useable oddments of yarn, and I vowed to use at least half of them before the end of the year.

When I reached the half-way point I decided that I had to tackle one of more the difficult bags. The yarn I would have given away if only it had been in complete balls with ball bands ….

The Yarn

It was Debbie Bliss Soho. I bought a pack of ten balls in a sale and I had about four left.

584735839_f03c0936f3_zIt was yarn that taught me a lesson. I loved the colour, it looked lovely in the balls, but:

  • Beautiful colours aren’t always the most wearable.
  • Thick and thin, loosely plied yarn doesn’t lend itself  to many projects.
  • Neither do very short colour repeats.

Ravelry came to my rescue – lots of knitters had made My So-Called Scarf with this yarn, they looked lovely and the pattern was easy. I made one and I love it.

I tried making a hat with the remaining yarn, but I didn’t like it, I didn’t like the colours of the yarn so close to my face, and so I unripped it.

The Pattern

I decided to make another scarf and give it away.

My So-Called Scarf eats yarn and I knew that I didn’t have enough to make one a sensible length, so I ruled out making another one. I experimented with a few others,  but I just couldn’t find the right pattern. It didn’t work stranded, it didn’t look right in seafoam, twisted drop stitch just looked messy ….. in the end I gave up, I tried plain, ordinary garter stitch;  that looked better than anything else, and so I went with it.

It was quick, mindless knitting!

The Result

I had more than 6 feet of scarf after I added fringing on each end!


It’s not the best thing I’ve ever knitted, but it’s soft, squishy and very warm. I can’t think of any one who would like it that I could give it to, and so my plan is to donate it to one of the many Christmas fayres that I know will be looking for donations later in the year.

Coming next

I have ‘non-resolution’ knitting in progress, but I see one or two hats and maybe another scarf in the future …..

3 responses

  1. I think your very colourful and warm scarf is very nice and it will be a nice gift for your Christmas fair! Somehow, the scarf is inspiring me to write about it in a children’s story. My sister crochets beautifully and knits well too. I can’t do either even if my life depended on it. I can however pick up on a thread, a thought and work it into a story . It will give me something to spin as I have a cup of tea, pet the disgruntled cat and reflect on a storytelling event I’m doing as a favour.

  2. Somebody somewhere will be so glad of that scarf when the cold winds blow, Jane. I know what you mean about those kinds of yarns, however. Good old garter stitch!

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