A Dog Blogs: Storm Report

Anniversary DogGood Evening.

The is Briar The Dog, reporting from a storm lashed promenade. Well, actually I’m cosied up inside but there’s a storm outside.

Sunday afternoon was lovely. We went down on the beach and the tide was as low as I have ever seen it and I had a lovely time playing ball and exploring bits of beach I hadn’t seen before, because they are usually always under the sea.

We know though that when we get very, very low tides we also get very, very high tides. And when the weather is wet and stormy that can be a problem.


Just before six o’clock this morning the house did a big shake and we all woke up. We went to the front of the house and we saw big waves crashing over the garden and right into the windows. When I was a little puppy I was scared of storms, but I learned that we are safe inside. I still don’t like it though.

I am eight years old, so I have seem quite a few storms now, but I have never seen one this big. Jane is older than me and she says she has, a year or two before I was born.

We kept an eye on the garden to make sure that the water wasn’t getting too high, because we didn’t want it coming in the house. It didn’t, but not everyone was so lucky.


Firemen had to come to pump out next door’s garden, some of the workshops in our back lane are flooded, and we hear that Newlyn Green, where I like to run and play has subsided, and that is very bad.

We couldn’t take pictures at high tide, because it was still quite dark, but we took some pictures a little bit later.

The tides won’t be quite so big over the next few days, and high tide tonight wasn’t nearly so wild, but it is still going to be very wet and windy, especially on Wednesday, and so we have to be prepared. The council has given up distributing sandbags, but we went out and bought some this morning and the porch will be boarded and bagged up whenever we think the water might try to get in again.


I like swimming in the sea, but I don’t want have to swim in my garden. And certainly not in the house!

But I know that other people have it a lot worse – we have just been watching them on the local news.

Jane will be back tomorrow with something bookish, and I will be back soon.

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  1. That top picture is incredible, with the wind blowing the tops off the waves (I’m guessing)! I’m glad you’re all safe inside, and the water hasn’t risen too high.

  2. Dear Briar,

    We have been very worried about you and so are glad to hear that you are still dry at the moment. The wind was so bad here yesterday that our friend Alex’s car was nearly blown off the road, but we have not had a lot of rain. However, tomorrow is going to be very bad here so we will all stay inside and pretend it is not happening. We hope you do not have too bad a storm tomorrow. We think you are very brave not to be frightened. We would not tell anyone but you, but we do get a little bit scared sometimes.

    Love from
    The Bears

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