A Dog Blogs: It’s my party and I’ll play if I want to!

Dear Friends and Readers,

It’s me – Briar!

It’s my birthday today and I have had a lovely time. I had a special breakfast, I had a new toy, I had three walks, and now I am doing a bit of resting before I get up to play some more.

I like birthdays!


And I like the beach – that’s me digging for my tennis ball in the picture – but I haven’t been allowed down there this week. We have had what the news reports called a ‘pollution incident.’ There was some funny gelatinous white stuff washing up on local beaches, and dogs were licking it to find out what it was and getting sick. It’s all being cleaned up now, and things should be back to normal soon.

But now there is a big storm on the way and so it will probably be too windy to go on the beach. Because we live in an old house on the sea front on the very tip of Cornwall we  get an awful lot of wind and weather. And when it’s high tide the waves hit the sea wall and come right over the promenade, the road, and even into our garden. Sometimes, when it’s a really big storm they reach the upstairs windows, and when Jane can remember a really, really big storm when the biggest waves went right over the house.

It was scary when I was a little puppy, but now I am used to the storms and I watch through the window. I have a front row seat! And Jane says that our house has beem here since Queen Victoria was on the throne, so it’s stood through a lot of storms and it should see us through a lot more.

(our house is behind the wave)

We have a back door, so we go out the way when the weather is rough. And if it’s too blowy to go far we just go a little way, so that I can do what a dog has to do, and then I do extra playing in the house.

The storm isn’t coming until Sunday, so I will be able to see Mother as usual, and I will take my birthday pig to meet her.

And then we will batten the hatches.

And next week Jane in on holiday – hooray!!!

More time for books and blogging and more time to spend with her dog!

That is all the news I can think of for now, but I will be back soon, and I expect Jane will be back sooner.



x x x x x

26 responses

  1. Happy birthday, Briar! I’m glad you’ve had a lovely day. I hope the storm won’t be too scary for you – I hadn’t realised you lived quite so close to the waves!

  2. Happy birthday, dear Briar! How lovely that you got a pig to play with. Do be careful with those south-westerlies blowing. I saw a photo of Portleven the other day and the waves were monsters. Keep Jane safe as well. Your friend, Esme

  3. Hey Briar.

    Keep safe and enjoy your front row seat. It’s a bit scary the storm when you are two floors up like me. But the sea is only down the road, so no waves for me.

    Look after Jane.

  4. Happy Birthday Briar. We are also battening down the hatches before the storm. We do not have to worry about the sea but we live in the middle of a wood and the trees make a lot of noise. We are going to have extra porridge and honey and maybe even marmalade sandwiches to help us keep our spirits up.

    Lots of Love
    The Bears

    • Dear Bears,

      I’m glad you have your hatches well battened because trees so make a lot of noise and they can do a lot of damage. it was only a bit windy when we were out in the country this morning but the trees were creaking. I’m not sure about marmalade, but porridge sounds nice. I’ve had my supper now, so we’re settling down for the night at the back of the house.

      Love Briar x

  5. Oh dear, I’m a little late to say Happy Birthday Briar, but I’m glad you enjoyed your day, and hope you survived the storm OK – it bypassed us in our part of the Midlands, but it looked very scary in other places.

  6. Sorry to have missed your special day, Briar! Hope you don’t mind a belated birthday wish. Sounds like you had a really good time there. Here’s to many, many more to come! 🙂
    Oh, those waves are seriously scary. You are a brave one to dare to take up the front row seat to watch it!

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