An A to Z to pick up the threads again …

… after being distracted by life for a few days …

A is for Aurora Leigh

A is for Aurora Leigh

A is for AURORA LEIGH by Elizabeth Barrett Browning. I am loving my Classics Club spin book this time round.

B is for BRITISH TELECOM. After three months in limbo with a temporary number, after many calls and emails, I finally succeeded in having our original telephone number reinistated last week.

C is for COURT OF PROTECTION. I’ve criticised the court for being bureaucratic, but now I must offer praise, as this week’s post has included a letter thanking  me for advising them of my mother’s change of address and an interesting newsletter for deputies.

D is for DOGS, who are so very good at making you realise what really matters in life.

E is for Edith Wharton

E is for Edith Wharton

E is for EDITH WHARTON. I made a strategic decision to same some books I particularly wanted to read or re-read for the final 10% of my Century of Books, and I have ~The Custom of the Country” in mind for 1913.

F is for FABRIC OF BRITAIN. A television programme about knitting is a rare, rare thing, but there’s one on BBC4 tonight.

G is for GRACE HAD AN ENGLISH HEART. I’ve pulled Winifred Holtby’s The Land of Green Ginger out of the Virago bookcase to fill the 1928 slot in my Century of Books.

H is for THE HIGHLANDS OF SCOTLAND , captured quite beautifully on “And Then You Came” by Ann Bridge.

I is for IMPRESSION VEST.  I just have to finish the neck and the armholes, and then I’m done.

I is for Impression Vest

I is for Impression Vest

J is for JULIA BIRLEY. I recently learned that Margaret Kennedy had a daughter who wrote, and now I am very, very curious about her books.

K is for THE KNITTER. I picked up Issue 63 at the weekend. I love the cover pattern, I have wool I could use, and there’s a tunis pattern inside …

L is for THE LUMINARIES by Eleanor Catton. I ordered a copy from the library, but there was a long clue and I didn’t want to have to rush, so I have the library copy back and bought myself a copy to keep.

M is for MISS BUNCLE. The Two Miss Abbotts, the third Miss Buncle book,  is on its way from Persphone next month and I have some catching up to do, because I have yet to meet Miss Buncle.

N is for Nearest Thing to Crazy

N is for Nearest Thing to Crazy

N is for NEAREST THING TO CRAZY by Elizabeth Forbes. A wonderful, character-driven, story of suspense. You should pick it up, but you should be aware that when you do you will find it terribly difficult to put down …

O is for ONE GLOVE KNITTED AND ONE ABANDONED. Now that the weather is so much more autumnal I have the incentive I needed to finish glove number two.

P is for THE PRESTIGE. I liked the book, but I loved the film. That might be because I watched before I read, but that was because the book didn’t call me until I saw the film.

Q is for QUEENIE. When I finish my gloves I should still have enough wool left for a hat. And this is the one I have in mind.

R is for Rose Macaulay

R is for Rose Macaulay

R is for ROSE MACAULAY. There’s a spot waiting in my Century of Books. It might be 1916 for “Non Combatants and Others” or it might be 1923 for “Told by an Idiot.”

S is for SPARROWS. We have masses of them in the garden at the moment and Briar watches, fascinated from her armchair is the bay window. She chases off seagulls and big birds but she doesn’t seem to mind little ones using her facilities.

T is for THEY WERE SISTERS by Dorothy Whipple. Another book for the final 10% of my Century of Books.

U is for URGE FOR GOING, which I heard yesterday for the first time in ages and ages.

V is for VIRAGO MODERN CLASSICS. I read half a dozen for All Virago All August, but there’s still a pile of green books on my bedside table that I couldn’t squeeze in. Sylvia Townsend Warner, Elizabeth Hardwick, Vita Sackville-West, Nina Bawden …

Z is for Zigreta

Z is for Zigreta

W is for WENDY WALLACE. Her second novel – “The Sacred River” – is near the top of my library pile.

X is for EXCLUSION. The beach ban is nearly over, and Briar is going to be so happy next month when she can go across the road and play on her own beach again.

Y is for YARN DIET. It’s held for nearly nine months now. I’ve managed to avoid looking at sales, and to focus on the patterns I can knit from the yarn that I have in storage boxes. But I am lining up one or two projects that I’ll have to buy for, but they are for next year and beyond.

Z is for ZIGRETA. I have the pattern, I have the yarn (sky blue and white), and I am thinking that the this would be good for nursing home knitting.

7 responses

  1. I loved this post and I had no idea that you were a knitter too! And I must say thank you for alerting me to the programme tonight – I had clean forgot!

  2. The Mount, Edith Wharton’s home in western Massachusetts, has been celebrating the 100th anniv. of Custom of the Country by publishing the novel in monthly installments, as it was in 1913. I thought it would be so much fun to read it that way, but I’m hopelessly behind…. I think I left off in June, and here it is September. Maybe, maybe I’ll catch up in time to finish on time in October. It’s not the book’s fault; Undine Spragg (can’t you just tell by her name is a wonderfully horrible heroine. I’ll look forward to your thoughts if you decide to read it.

  3. Love the alphabet. I read Told by an Idiot, and found it very depressing, and the central charater was very unlikeable. I have some Edith Wharton in the TBR pile, along with The Land of Green Ginger, and and Aurora Leigh, and I still haven’t got round to reading Miss Buncle… perhaps I should try a Book Diet (it sounds better than a Book Ban) and work my way through the books I already have!

  4. I enjoyed the movie version of The Prestige much more than the book. Not often that happens! Like you, the movie came first. That likely made a difference.

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