Library Loot

Library books have been coming home more quickly than they are going back, but it is so tempting to check my library account, see if anything has arrived, look for any good book I’ve spotted, see if anything I’ve been waiting for has come into stock, maybe order a book from one of my library lists

There are worse – and more expensive – sins!

But I have to catch up with myself because this week I took just one book – that I didn’t get on with – back, and I picked up four reservations.

My library ticket will only stretch so far!


The Sea Sisters by Lucy Clarke

“There are some currents in the relationship between sisters that run so dark and deep, it’s better for people on the surface never to know what’s beneath …”

I love stories about sisters, I love stories about the sea, and so I had to order this one.

The Promise by Ann Weisgarber

“I read Oscar’s letter again. He offered escape from my debts, from my mother’s rejection, and from certain poverty. He offered escape from myself.”

This went on to my ‘please put it into stock’ list when Lindsey wrote about it, and when I spotted it going into stock I jumped into the queue. I’ve nearly finished this one, and I’m impressed …

Dot by Araminta Hall

“Dot he thought, let her be Dot. because she is a beginning. A tiny dot of life that will grow into something wonderful.”

I liked Araminta Hall’s first novel, this looked like an interesting progression, and when Naomi wrote about Dot I just had to place an order. I’ve read just the first few chapters, and I’m intrigued …

The Curious Habits of Doctor Adams: a 1950’s Murder Mystery by Jane Robins

“Was Mrs Gertrude Hullet murdered at her luxurious 15-room house on Beachy Head? detectives are trying to establish the cause of the 50-year-old widow’s sudden death …”

I was impresses with Jane Robins’ first book – an account of the brides in the bath case that mixed intrigue, biography and social history – and so when I saw she had written another, about a case I knew nothing about, I ordered it straight away.

I’m quite taken with the fact that my library loot is colour coordinated this week.

And I’m pleased that I’ll be able to take a couple of books back this weekend, because there are already more reservations waiting …

8 responses

  1. I regularly check out more than I can read. Plenty of times I take a book a few days late because I was in the middle of reading it. I agree. There are worse sins.

  2. The books all look intriguing (I would expect nothing less) but it is also important that they work as a fashion accessory while you are carrying them home! I’ve given up having any guilt or concern over my library book addiction … but I confess that I kind of like the self check-out machines so I can skulk on occasion… 🙂

  3. There are definitely worse sins! I’m so glad that you are enjoying The Promise (thank you for the mention). I really fancy The Sea Sisters too, I’ve nearly bought it a couple of times but I might get it from the library too actually. I also enjoyed Araminta Hall’s first novel, so I’ll be interested to hear what you think of all of these. I love the colour co-ordination of this selection too! 🙂

  4. I always check out more than I can read but then I’m a fickle reader and I constantly change my mind about what I want to read!
    I have a copy of The Sea Sisters too, it looks very good.

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