This post may disappear into the ether ….

I hope that when I go home I will be able to work out what has gone wrong between my telephone line, my router, and my computer. And get my boradband connection back again.

If I do I will lose this post and write about either an old book by Barbara Pym or a new book by Louise Doughty.

So if you are reading this I haven’t got my internet connection back … yet …

Please cross your fingers ….

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  1. So frustrating! Last weekend I got home from a trip, went to check my email, and found my laptop (though it was plugged in) would not turn on. Panicked, thought about how I’d be eating cereal for a month to pay for a new one, and decided to try taking out the battery and putting it back in. Has worked fine since. No idea why. I am convinced these problems are built into computing so we will know we are not in charge… (insert Twilight Zone theme song).

    • I think they know that we don’t know. Anything that can’t be fixed by turning everything off and turning it on again has me completely lost. this time it didn’t solve things the first time but it did the second.

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