A Dog Blogs: We had to disappear for a while, but we are back now, and I have answers

Hello – it’s me, Briar!

We have had a little, enforced break from blogging, because BT cut off our phone and our broadband for two days. Jane got them to sort it out in the end, and now we are back.

I thought that before Jane starts to tell you about all the books she has been reading I should say hello and give out the answers to the last round of my game:


The first pile of books was for Laura of Musings.

Laura spotted herself, which is good because it shows we picked the right books.

Jane still hasn’t found ‘A Dance to the Music of Time’, but she knows all four volumes are here somewhere…


And this pile of books was for Lyn of I Prefer Reading.

Cat – who is always very good at this game – got this one.

Jane was very pleased to be able to include an Ann Bridge books for the first time, and she has another one of her books on the bedside table.


And the third pile of books was for Annabel of Annabel’s House of Books.

Margaret was the first person to get the answer.

Jane knew that she had to ‘do’ Annabel as soon as she spotted that they had the same ten volume edition of ‘The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters,’

And those are all the answers.

Well done everyone!

I will be back soon with another round, and I’m working on new series of posts for the summer.

And Jane really will be back soon, to talk about books …

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