A Little Spring Cleaning

2013 has been busy, busy, busy!

Working five days a week after working four for a good few years. Sorting out a mess left by the previous accountant and keeping up with tight deadlines set by head office in Belgium.

I didn’t want to let anything go, but one or two things have slipped.

Things are a little steadier now than they were, and I’ve reached a point where I can take a week off, so it’s time to take stock.

Reading is important to me, so is writing about books, and I want to go on visiting other bookish places, but I need to tidy up, simplify, and get organised.


I’ve updated my theme.

A few pages that I didn’t really need and rarely looked at have gone.

My reading history pages are now bang up to date.

I’ve simplified my sidebar, and there’s a little more work to be done there. My ‘Who Am I?’ page needs a bit of work too.

One day I’ll overhaul my categories and tags too.

Oh, and I’ve promised Briar that she can have a page of her own, with a few photographs and an index to her posts.

I’m reading as much as I ever did, but knitting rather less at the moment.

So I have quite a few books to write about next week, in between spring cleaning the house, giving Briar some nice jaunts, a day trip to Truro to look at some different bookshops …..

9 responses

  1. The new theme is classy and lovely (as was the old one)… I had all kinds of spring cleaning plans in April (mental and housekeeping) but the month slipped away. You’re inspiring me to get back to them! 🙂

  2. Jane, what an elegant new theme! and I love the image of housecleaning – even it looks elegant. I’ll look forward to Briar’s page too.

  3. Love the new look! In fact, it looks so good I am half tempted to try it on mine, just to see how it’ll look. Looking forward to your bookshop visits, and Briar’s page as well. 🙂

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