A Dog Blogs: It’s Pip’s Silver Jubilee

Hello! It’s me – Briar!

You might be wondering who Pip is? And what’s all this about a silver jubilee?

Well Pip was the border terrier of the house here before me. And she was born on 17th April 1988 – twenty-five years ago today – and so we thought that today would be a good day to tell you a little bit about her.

Here she is:


Pip came to live with Jane’s Mother and Father, just after Mother took early retirement. They lived in a bungalow on the other side of town from where we live now and Pip had a lovely house to live in and a big garden to patrol. Sometimes she got through the hedge and patrolled next door too.

Her favourite things in the world were squeaky toys and she could get a squeaker out in less than twenty-four hours. And her best friend was Penny, a very nice beagle who lived with Jane’s godmother. They used to go out walking together, near Perran where Penny lived, every Tuesday afternoon

Jane lived in London then, but she came home quite often and she played with Pip and took her out to different places. Pip wasn’t a beach dog like me. Her favourites were Rosehill, Love Lane, and Hayle Towans. And she really loved going to the Isles of Scilly on holiday.

Pip looked after Mother when Jane’s father died. She made sure that she got up and that she went out and about, and she kept her company and listened. They were very close.

They moved to the promenade because Mother wanted to be nearer the town and her friends once she was the only human in the house.

Mother and Pip were both very happy when Jane came back to Cornwall to live. And when Mother began to get frail Jane took change of Pip’s catering and socialising.

But in time Pip got very frail too. Jane looked after her, and the vet was a lot of help, but in the end it was Pip’s time to go.

Jane and Mother knew that Pip had a lovely life, that she was a very old dog, but they missed her very much. She was a lovely, lovely dog.

And I forgot to mention that two of mother’s friends thought Pip was so lovely that they found border terriers to live with them too. They were called Minnie and Rosie. I didn’t ever meet Minnie, but I did meet Rosie when she was an elderly dog and I was a young puppy.

At first when Pip died Mother and Jane said they couldn’t have another border terrier, because there couldn’t be another one as lovely as Pip. But after a while they realised that no other kind of dog would do. And then they found me.

Jane says Pip and I are equally lovely and very different. I love going in the water but Pip would only wade a little if she really had to. I love to chase balls, but Pip only liked them if Jane wrapped then up in an old sock for her to get out. Pip loved her squeaky toys, but I think they’re scary …

But this isn’t about me, it’s about Pip.

We never met, but Jane and Mother both loved her very much.

16 responses

    • Dear Lisa,

      I don’t think there are as many border terriers on your side of the Atlantic as there are on ours. There weren’t so many when Pip was young, but a few have appeared on tv programmes and adverts and we have gone up the charts. But there are American border terriers so you might meet one of us one day.


      Briar x

  1. What a lovely way to remember a loved pet. I am sure Pip and Briar woud have got on, although perhaps Briar woud be a bit more boisterous?

    • Dear Jo,

      Pip was quite boisterous when she was my age. And you have reminded Jane that even when Pip was quite elderly and slept most of the day she would get up from time to time and sprint a couple of times round the sofa.


      Briar x

  2. Briar, you brought tears to my eyes as I remembered our beloved friends who are gone. We have photo collages just like yours.
    Lovely memories – thank you for sharing. πŸ™‚

  3. I can see how much Pip must have been loved, and now missed, by her human friends. I miss my Shih Tzu (having left us more than two years ago) very much, too. Before we had him, I never considered having Shih Tzus as a pet until we were given one. They had always seemed more like ‘toy dogs’ to be pampered with, rather than the proper “man’s best friend”. How wrong I was! They are the most adorable, loving, affectionate, good natured (though stubborn, too) and human-like creatures ever. As I am sure you are too, dear Briar. πŸ™‚

    • Dear Michelle.

      Shih Tzus are lovely dogs and I can understand how you must miss yours. I have two very nice Shih Tzu friends – Harvey and Pepsi- and they are both proper action dogs like me.


      Briar x

  4. A lovely post! We have always had dogs in our family and this reminded me of all the loved ones who have bounded off to Doggy Heaven. Dogs do have such different, but loveable personalities and I definitely can’t wait to see our two family dogs again and give them a big cuddle!

    • Dear Lindy,

      Doggy heaven sounds very nice, and I’m sure there will be lots of nice company there but I plan to stay here with Jane for a long time yet. I am needed here!


      Briar x

    • Dear Debbie,

      I never met Pip but I have heard a lot about her. And I trust Jane’s judgement. Pip left me her basket and her chair and her collar us still hanging up by her picture.


      Briar x

    • Dear Lindsay,

      I’ve never seen an Old English Sheepdog on the beach, so maybe it’s in the breeding. Jane says maybe it’s as well, because you wouldn’t be wanting to get sand and salt out of that coat, whereas I’m naturally scruffy.


      Briar x

  5. Briar, you do have a way with words! I wonder if that is common for Border Terriers… even though I am a ‘dog person’, I’ve never met one in real life. Either way, thank you for telling us about Pip πŸ™‚

  6. Hello Briar
    I am a bitser ( say special) dog and I am getting older now, but I still patrol the backyard. I look younger than my age because I take care of myself – eating, barking, playing, defending my territory.

    I was rescued from the local pound and they were very lucky to get me.


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