A Dog Blogs: Here are the Answers!

2012-02-15_20-31-03_210Hello again world! It’s me – Briar!

We’ve had a busy day. I’ve been to Newlyn Green, to the boating pond and to the beach, so now I’m going to have a little sleep.

But before I drop off I’m going to sat thank you for playing my game again. It’s back here if you missed it.

Everyone was very clever and we had lots of right answers. Well done everyone!

But before I drop off I will make it official.


We picked this pile of books for Thomas at My Porch



These books stood for JoAnn at Lakeside Musing



And our last stack of books was for Lisa at TBR313

Thank you everyone for playing and for your nice comments.

I will be back soon with another round, and Jane will be back even sooner with something about books.



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