A Dog Blogs: Answer Time!

2012-11-25_12-36-51_671Hello again world! It’s me – Briar!

Thank you for playing my game again. It’s back here if you missed it.  Everyone did very well.

I’m back in my chair after a very busy day. It’ s the weekend and the rain has gone away so I’ve been out to the beach, I’ve been to visit Mother in the nursing home, and I’ve been to the park. I hope you’ve had fun too.

Now here are the answers.

2013-01-13_16-20-46_664These are the books we picked for Ali, who blogs at HeavenAli.

Cat was the first person to get the right answer.

2013-01-13_16-21-50_883And these are the books we picked for Cat, who blogs at Tell Me a Story.

Helen, who is very good at this game, was first to name her.

2013-01-13_16-23-16_724This last pile of books represented Simon who blogs at Stuck in a Book.

Lots of people got the answer right, and Cath was the quickest

Jane said to tell you that they are all lovely, and if you haven’t visited them already you really, really should.

And now I’m going to have another sleepy.

But I’ll be back soon with another round, and maybe some other posts, and jane will be back tomorrow with something about books.

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