An A to Z of What’s Ahead …

I must confess that I tried to write a post about bookish resolutions, but it seemed dreadfully dull and too full of things I know I’ve written about before.

An A to Z of things to come – mainly bookish, but a little knitterly in places, seemed much more fun.

And here it is …

15734085A is for Amity and Sorrow by Peggy Riley. I read the first chapter, which was wonderful, and then I misplaced the book. I’ve just found it in my work bag (thrown into a corner when I left my last job rather suddenly) and I plan to get back to it this weekend.

B is for Barbara Pym. I haven’t read Barbara Pym for ages but I plan to read lots this year, celebrating her centenary with the LibraryThing Virago Modern Classics Group.

C is for Campbell. I read one of Karen Campbell’s crime novels years ago and I always meant to read more. Now she has written a book about the relationship between an asylum seeker and his mentor – This is Where I am, to be published by Bloomsbury Circus in March – and I am intrigued.

13579511D is for The Death of Lynton Wilder and the Consequences Thereof by E A Dinely is coming from Corsair in March. And a mystery, in a country house, with a governess, with a title like that, is simply irresistible.

E is for Elizabeth’s Women by Tracy Borman. I’m reading Serving Victoria by Kate Hubbard and it leaves me eager to read a little more quality royal history. I remember Darlene praising this one, and there’s a copy in a library further up the county that I can order in.

F is for Fidelity by Susan Glaspell. When I tidied my Persephone bookcase I pulled this one out to read this month.

13438190G is for Greenwood. Reading Claire’s Top Reads 2012 reminded me that I still have Eden’s Garden by Juliet Greenwood on my bedside table, and that I really so want to read it.

H is for Havisham.I’m in the middle of a re-read of Great Expectations, and when I’m done I plan to read Ronald Frame’s prequel.

I is for Ivy Compton-Burnett. I ordered More Women Than Men from the library after reading Simon’s enthusiastic review, and the same day that I picked it up I spotted a copy in the Oxfam shop. Naturally I bought it!

J is for Jessica Mitford. I picked up Grace had an English Heart – a book about the life and legend of Grace Darling – in the library. It looks wonderful!

17120673K is for King of a Rainy Country by Brigid Brophy. There’s a lovely new edition, endorsed by Ali Smith, courtesy of The Colecanth Press,  and reading about it has inspired me to pull out my own Virago edition.

L is for Leo Walmsley. I’m not sure yet which book I’m going to read next, but I think it’s between Foreigners and Sound of the Sea.

M is for Morgan McCarthy. I loved her first book and I’m told that her second – The Outline of Love, to be published by Tinder Press in May – is even better!

N is for No New Yarn. I’m undertaking the knitting equivalent of the Double Dog Dare. Everything I knit in 2013 will be from yarn I already own!

O is for O’Brien. I am eager to read The Country Girl, Edna O’Brien’s autobiography but there is a big queue at the library, and so I am waiting a while to make sure I can read it at my leisure.

a-pixy-in-petticoats-valancourt-classics-P is for A Pixy in Petticoats by John Trevena. I spotted this one in the Valancourt Books catalogue last week. It’s a semi-autobiographical tale of a romance between a consumptive writer and a pixy, it’s set on Dartmoor and it will do very nicely for 1906 in my Century of Books.

Q is for Queenie. I haven’t added a new hat to my collection for ages, but I have this one in mind. I have the pattern, I have the yarn, and it’s not going to be difficult to scale up to an adult size.

R is for Re-reading. Ali is devoting the whole of this month to re-reading. I couldn’t do a whole month but I plan to scatter a good number of re-reads through the year. Some classics, some that will fit into the latter years of my Century of Books, some Agatha Christie …

7933596828_794556aa63_zS is for Sampler Cardigan. This is my current nursing home knitting. I’m using this pattern but I’m having a different stitch for every panel instead of three repeating.It’s early days but my mum has been enjoying looking through stitch directories and, God willing, the cardigan will be her 80th birthday present next November.

T is for Turn of the Century Salon: A literary Event for 2013, hosted by Katherine at November’s Autumn.

U is for Ursula Holden. I loved Tin Toys and I am so pleased that Virago is about to reissue the whole trilogy and that I shall soon be finding out what happens next..

33175V is for  Victor Hugo. I had my copy of Les Miserables marked off into 52 weekly installments for a readalong last year, but life got in the way. I want to try again this year, because what I read I loved.

W is for Willa Cather. I missed last year’s challenge but I still plan to re-read all of Willa Cather’s novels, chronologically.

X is for Exiles. I have to cheat a little here, it’s in a very good cause. Persephone Books will be publishing and The Exiles Return, a novel by Elisabeth de Waal, a little later in the year and I am intrigued.

Y is for The Young Ardizzone. This has been in my library pile for ages. On one hand I want to read it, but on the other hand I really don’t want to have to give it back.

Z is for Zola. After a lot of dithering I’ve pretty much decided that I’m not going to try to read Zola chronologically, I’m going to read whichever book grabs my attention next.

22 responses

  1. I didn’t realize it was Barbara Pym’s centenary! I love her writing so much, and will put a few books on thee olde tbr pile to celebrate.

    I did the no new yarn thing THREE years ago. Still haven’t bought any yarn, and still knitting project after project after project. Gosh.

    • There are readalongs every moth on LibraryThing, and the Barbara pym Society has events planned too.

      I must confess that I could probably knit for a three years with what I have, but I’m nit sure I could hold off buying for quite that long. My longer term aim is to always but for a specific project.

  2. Oh, what fun to think about your reading in this way (and darn it, more books to look for}. I’m ooking forward to Barbara Pym as well, and I’m already clicking around to some of the other books you mentioned.

  3. Jane, I’m not good at making or keeping book resolutions – but I do like the way you’ve set this out. And I agree wiht Audrey – more books to look for! I’m especially anxious to get hold of Serving Victoria.

    • I still have resolutions in the background – time management, reading my own books, not reserving too much at the library – but it seemed better to focus on books and projects in the future. I hope you track down a copy of Serving Victoria soom, because it really is a gem.

  4. Interesting list Fleur. Karen Campbell was the tutor on a writing course I attended in November. She mentioned she had written a non-crime book. I’m looking forward to reading it too,

    • The non-crime book looks very promising and I will get back to the crime books one day. they were never on the library shelf at the right tine and I didn’t ever get around to ordering the second one.

  5. Wow! a fascinating list. I too look forward to Pym, and have The Death of Lyndon Wilder from Corsair too – which will now have to wait till February – because of my re-reading : ) I do hope 2013 is great for you.

  6. I don’t know what your post looked like before you A-to-Z-ed it, but it’s a very entertaining read 🙂 That cardigan looks really nice, and I’m with you on the no new yarn rule!

    • It was a dull list or resolutions, and picking up on specifics and putting an alphabet together seemed a better idea, Apart from the expense I’m running out of storage space for yarn.

  7. You have a great year of reading (and knitting) ahead of you! I got given the O’Brien memoir for Christmas – I’m rather excited about reading it soon.

    • I’ve read good repots about The Country Girl and I’ve been reading O’Brien for years – though her recent books haven’t really called me. But it’s on the list of most ordered books in Cornwall so I’m biding my time. I’ll be interested to read your thoughts.

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