A Dog Blogs: We have had a funny week


It’s me – Briar.

We have had one of those weeks and that is why we have been a little bit quiet here in blogland.

It started last Saturday when Jane couldn’t find her phone. She tried ringing it from the house phone, but we couldn’t hear it. So Jane decided she must have left it in her office. And she said she didn’t want to go in to get it; it could stay there until Monday. But when Monday came her phone wasn’t there, so she came home and turned everything upside-down looking for the phone. Nothing. She had another, more careful look, at work on Tuesday with no success. But when she came home, for one final look round the house before she reported it as lost and got a new one, there it was. In the very first place she should have looked. On the Virago bookcase!!!

Then there was another thing to try us. Jane had to make a very long application, with lots of forms and things to the Court of Protection so that she could look after the things that Mother can’t manage any more. We sent it off weeks ago and they sent it back again, because we forgot to put in the cheque. Why didn’t they use our email or our phone number to ask us to send it. And why did they put everything in a lightweight envelope that split so that the postman had to put everything in a plastic bag? Grrrrrrr!!!

The next thing was water on the utility room floor. We thought we had a leak, but when Jane opened the freezer door she discovered it was kaput. Luckily we saved almost everything by moving it to the fridge and turning the temperature right up. And even luckier was that the house clearance man in the back lane had a nearly new freezer at a very good price. He brought it round this afternoon and so we are nearly back in business.

But not quite. I haven’t been quite myself and I haven’t been able to jump up onto my chair or into the car like usual. Jane thought I might just be a little stiff after a big walk in the country, but when I didn’t get any better she said I had to go to the vet. I don’t like the vet because I get prodded and I have to sit on a table. But I had to go. Today my vet gave me a good going over and then she said she said that everything seemed to be working properly, but I had twisted myself and made my lower back sore. So now I have some tablets and I’ve got to have to have a few quiet days and hopefully that will sort it out. I hope it does, because I don’t like having to live at ground level all the time and Jane doesn’t like having to worry about me. She is used to me being an action dog!

So you can see why we have been a bit distracted. But things are sorted out now, and we will be back in business very soon.


Briar x x x

13 responses

  1. Oh Briar, dear heart, so sorry you’ve hurt your back. Sometimes Esme does this too and I give her a gentle massage. I think you need to curl up with your back against something warm (like Jane) and get some gentle heat on the sore bits. Heal fast, lovely dog.

  2. Oh dear,Briar, sounds as though it has been one of ‘those weeks’. I hope your sore back will be better very soon. 🙂 and next week will be a good one for you and Jane

  3. Sorry to hear that life has been testing Briar for both you and Jane.

    Hopefully things will settle down now and you will be your bouncy self again soon and Jane will be feeling a bit more tip top!

  4. Such a busy and trying time, Briar! Sending lots of best wishes and a cuddle (pass one on, Jane!) for you to get back to your old self…and soon.

    My husband worked with a gentleman whose dog had been through a bunch of tests which came out negative. A gentle massage by a vet with some chiropractic skills turned up something out of line in the spine…a little manipulation and the dog was as good as new! Lucky pooch.

  5. Hope you’re feeling better really soon, Briar and I’m sure that when you’re better Jane will feel a lot better too!

  6. Poor Briar… at least Jane didn’t make you help her hunt for her phone in a car park in the dark and cold and wet, which is what one of my daughters did when she lost her mobile last time she came home!

  7. Oh dear Briar, that was a tough week for you all. I do hope that your back is getting better now and that you are well on the way to being an action dog once again. x

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