A Dog Blogs: Answer Time!

Hello Everybody!

Here are the answers for the last round of my game.

Helen @ She Reads Novels

Audrey @ Books as Food

Claire @ The Captive Reader

Everybody got at least one answer right, so well done everybody!

Maybe I need to make it a bit harder next time …

Sorry this is all a bit late, but I hurt my paw on something sharp and it is a bit difficult to type with only one.

Jane has been a bit busy, but she will be back soon.

But she’s given up on ‘A James a Day’. She says he’s a very good author and she’ll read all the stories one day, but this isn’t the right time or the right way for her.

Other books are calling louder she says, but I can’t hear them.


Briar x x x

4 responses

  1. Dear Briar,
    I’ve so honored, not to mention tickled. I’ve never been on a game show before. Please tell Jane that if she’s talking about Henry, I would love to read some with her sometime, but a Henry a day would be like eating 87 dog biscuits for breakfast.

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