A Dog Blogs: A Game for you Humans to Play

Hello – it’s me – Briar!

I was thinking that lots of book bloggy people have been very kind to me and left me some very nice comments, and that I should like to do something in return.

A game seemed like a good idea. I like games. I like playing chase me round the sofa, seaweed wrestling, tennis ball catching … but I thought you bookish types would probably like something different, with books.

I came up with a guessing game. I got Jane to take photographs of books. Groups of five books we could find that we remembered a particular book blogger had liked. So all you have to do is look at the photographs (and the lists because we don’t have a very good camera) and see if you can guess who it is.

Maybe it’s you.

We couldn’t do everyone, but we have picked out three who we had the right books for. And if you like this game we will have another go another day.

And I will be back of Saturday with the answers.

Now here’s the first one:


A View of the Harbour by Elizabeth Taylor
The House in Paris by Elizabeth Bowen
If Walls Could Talk by Lucy Worsley
A Very Great Profession by Nicola Beauman
A London Child of the 1870s by Molly Hughes

Answer: Darlene @ Roses over a Cottage Door – spotted by Darlene  herself.

Here’s another one:


Cards on the Table by Agatha Christie
The Last Summer by Judith Kinghorn
The Light Behind the Window by Lucinda Riley
The Light Between Oceans by M L Stedman
A Dangerous Inheritance by Alison Weir

Answer: Jo @ The Book Jotter – spotted by Helen

And here’s the last one


Thunder on the Right by Mary Stewart
The Blank Wall by Elizabeth Sanxay Holding
A Note in Music by Rosamund Lehmann
Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel
Excellent Women by Barbara Pym

Answer – Anbolyn @ Gudrun’s Tights – spotted by Cat

I hope you liked my game.

Please tell me if it is too easy, or too hard.

And do tell me what you think the answers might be.

Jane will be back tomorrow to talk about a book she has just read, and I will be back on Saturday with answers.

Answers now up, in italics!

18 responses

    • I think I’ve veered towards reader with tastes different to yours Jackie, and with so many book bloggers ot there now its impossible to keep track of everyone.

  1. Hello Briar, what a fun game! Is the second one Jo from The Book Jotter? I think I know the third one as well but I’ll let someone else try that one.

  2. I was thinking perhaps Verity for the bottom photo but after reading the other comments I know that’s not right. What a super way to quickly find out if another blogger has similiar reading tastes!

  3. What a fun game! I was going to guess Lyn/I Prefer Reading for the third one, but now I see that all the correct answers have been guessed.

    I also wanted to check you got my email about My Life in Books? I’ve had poor luck emailing you before!

    • Lyn could have fitted number four, but I would have been inclined to pop a mystery and an older classic on to her pile. Maybe next time!

      Email in and reply out, and hopefully with you.

  4. Oh, Briar, I’ve not a clue! Wonderful selections of books, though. Great game! Maybe Captive Reader is one of them? Perhaps Random Jottings of a Book & Opera Lover is another? No idea, though …

    • Answers in the comments above, and coming on the face of the post very soon – so maybe you’ll find some new readers to keep an eye on.

      The names you mentioned would have fitted, and maybe they will come up in future games.

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