Dear Blogspot – you really don’t like me, do you?

You have found so many different ways to eat the comments I leave on blogs for so many lovely people whose blogs you host.

People like Darlene, Simon, Audrey, JoAnn

It started when you just wouldn’t let me comment at all with my WordPress credentials.

Then the problem seemed to be sorted out. Until we went through a period when you kept telling me I wasn’t typing those characters you made me type to prove I was a human, time after time after time. Until I tried logging in with my Blogger credentials and suddenly it worked. Funny that.

I carried on with that for a while, but after a while I noticed that others were succeeding in leaving comments with via WordPress and so I decided to have a go too. It worked!

If only the story could have finished there. It would have been a lovely happy ending.

But it wasn’t. You pulled your nastiest trick yet.

I left comments, everything worked beautifully. I saw my comment appear on the page. But one day, by chance I came back to a post where I had left a comment for a second time. My comment was gone. I looked back in a few other places and I found that it was happening everywhere.

I tried logging in with Blogger instead of WordPress, but it made no difference.

It’s one thing not working, and it’s another thing pretending to work when you’re not.

Please tell me – because I’ve searched for answers without success – what do I do now?

Have I upset you in some way? I’d just like to know where I stand

Surely that isn’t too much to ask?

13 responses

  1. I’ve just rescued your most recent comment from spam – can’t imagine why Blogger insists on sending you there! If it’s any comfort, they have been doing the same thing to Thomas of My Porch recently… at least on my blog 😦

  2. Oh no!
    I am going to stick with blogspot, just because I like the familiarity (and I don’t like the behind-the-scenes workings of WordPress, which I use for a book group blog) but I am sick of its comment structure. I have tried to make things as easy as possible, by removing word verification and allowing anonymous comments, but… oh, why can’t it be simple!

    Do keep trying 🙂

    • I have nothing against Blogspot other than the commenting thing, and I know WordPress has issues too. it’s just maddening that there’s nothing we can do as individual bloggers to give a nod to those we know on an ongoing basis.

  3. Oh Fleur, how frustrating for all of us who look forward to having you drop by! I have a love/hate relationship with blogger, one change here and there seems to translate into a negative somewhere else. As Simon says, do keep trying, and if there’s no joy then please send me an email!

    • Darlene, I’ll reach you one way or another – be it email, LibraryThing or ravelry – if I have something significant to say, but you can take it as read that I am reading and appreciating what you have to say.

  4. I love just knowing you came by…and what wonderful company I’m in!

    A couple of months ago Blogger started telling me that my browser wasn’t up to snuff anymore, so when I want to blog I have to go elsewhere, and I have no idea why! If I could figure out how to escape from Blogger, I would.

    Anyway, thanks for visiting – it means a lot.

  5. I have to think twice before commenting on a blogspot blog – some let me comment under my Name/URL but some don’t and then I have to use my Blogger name (I used to have my blog on blogspot and can still access it, where I’ve left a link to my BooksPlease blog).

    But it’s not just blogspot – it’s blogs too. For a while they kept telling me that my email address and url didn’t match (because I don’t use a blog) and I couldn’t comment at all. Then I found that if I left the email box empty it worked on some but not on others, but if I used my Google email (as I have to on your blog) it does work. I don’t actually look at my gmail account – only go there once in a blue moon! So, all in all I’ve not been making as many comments as I want to – sad!

    And I wish all the comment varieties would let me preview my comment!

  6. Blogger doesn’t like me either. If there’s an option of using Name/URL it usually works, but when I have to log in with WordPress I often have problems. My comments have disappeared a few times too. I’ve even tried using different browsers as sometimes I find I can comment with Internet Explorer but not with Firefox, which is even more confusing!

  7. I don’t comment on Blogger blogs with WordPress – if they have a name/URL option, and most people do, I use that – and it always works.

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