A Dog Blogs: Here is the news !

Good evening!

This is Briar the dog, reporting from the end of the sofa where I am relaxing with my squirrel and watching the ‘lympics.

I’m sorry I look a little unkempt, but I have been exploring the in the park and I had to look under a lot of shrubs and bushes in case there was anything there. You never know, do you?

Jane knitted my squirrel cushion for me, She isn’t very pleased with him – she had to use acrylic yarn so it would stand up to hard wear and tear, but she says that makes the shaping to obvious – but I think he’s lovely. He’s very comfortable to sit with, and he has some of my hair inside with his stuffing.

My life has changed a bit since Mother has gone into the nursing home. I miss her, but I agree with Jane that she needs extra looking after now, and she is happy and comfortable there. I go to visit her and the other old people sometimes, and we are very pleased to see each other, but I don’t go every time Jane visits because there is a cat living in the nursing home who doesn’t like dogs.

Now Jane and her fiance look after me, and I look after them. It works very well.

And I met some American visitors today. The spotted me and they stopped to say hello and take my photograph. Wasn’t that nice? The said that they love border terriers, but we are quite rare where they come from.

And talking of border terriers, did you see that the tame human who belongs to two border terriers won them two ‘lympic medals? They certainly have him well trained!

And that is all the news I can think of for now.

I will be back soon, and Jane will be here tomorrow to talk about books.

13 responses

  1. Hello Lindsay, Don’t worry, you aren’t the first person to call me Brian and you probably won’t be the last. Good luck with your cold – I’m sure your lovely Old English Sheepdog, is looking after you. Love, Briar x

    • Dear Kathy, I am sorry that you couldn’t find a border, but happy that you found the lovely Milou. Love Briar x

  2. I love your messages, Briar and I never expected to be enjoying posting to a dog, no offense. You look so handsome in your photos. The only thing I’m not sure about is whether you’re a boy or a girl, no offense.

    • Dear Kay, I never expected to be blogging to humans either. I am a girl, but I have met a boy dog who was called Briar so it isn’t surprising you weren’t sure. And thank you for your kind words. Love Briar x

  3. Jane must love you an awful lot, Briar! Poor Deacon will never know such devotion because he would promptly look for a way to make a hole in the squirrel and rip out all of the stuffing.

  4. Dear Briar, Orph and Ollie here. We just returned from a very long car ride, then several days in a place that was like home but wasn’t, then a very long car ride back but we had fun, fun, fun! (Did I mention that we shared the backseat with Picchu? She’s a bird so she was in a cage. Still, she hisses at us if we look at her the wrong way.) ANYWAYS, lots of new things to sniff, water to wade in, dragonflies to catch and the ever-present bear watch. I (me, Orph) even came home with a new toy from my friend Leo (a VERY big labrador). And no, I didn’t steal it. We love your squirrel pillow by the way, and have added that to our list for Christmas – it would have been perfect for our ride. ANYWAYS, Cate says hi to Jane & her fiance and sends best wishes to Jane’s mum. We gotta go now, Cate’s in the kitchen and she might be chopping carrots!

  5. Briar always good to hear from you. Glad to know you are being looked after well and also doing some looking after too! Good to hear you are spreading your joy in the home too and can still visit mum.

    I miss my dog (and cats) at the moment, I could do with the love and company they bring.

  6. Hi Briar – I always look forward to your posts so it’s great to hear all your news. I’m glad you enjoyed the ‘lympics and your squirrel looks fabulous, although I’m sure secretly he’s not a patch on the real thing. Good to hear you’re enjoying your visits to Mother but sorry to hear about that pesky cat who doesn’t like dogs and keeps you away sometimes.

    Please tell Jane that I have been so busy recently and have found hardly any time to comment but that I still stock pile her reviews to read – she is one of my favourite bloggers 🙂

    Love form Boof and her cats x

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