We have a sock!

And not just any sock – a sock that I have handknitted!

My sock!

After more than thirty years knitting cardigans, pullover, hats, scarves and mittens I have finally joined the ranks of the sock knitters.

There were a few things that did it:

First there was the wealth of lovely yarns and lovely patterns out there.

Second, there were the other sock knitters. Darlene tempted me, as I followed the her knitting of some lovely socks. And Laura inspired me, with her rapid journey from non knitter to sock knitter.

And third, there was my mother. She’s still in a nursing home, because although the infection that laid her low has cleared up she is much, much more  frail than she was before. Right now we’re waiting for a meeting to plan where we go from here.

She’s quite sleepy a lot of the time, and so I decided it would be a good idea to take some knitting when I visit her, so I can sit next to her and knit for a while when she’s having a dozy day. Socks are so portable. Plus, my mother has always liked colourful socks, so she’s been watching this one grow, and she has been promised my first pair, in her favourite colour, when they’re done.

It fits!

And so to the details:The yarn in ZigZag by King Cole.  A good basic sock yarn, but I’m a little disappointed with the colourway: the changes are very short and the contrast between two of them isn’t great.

The pattern is Hermione’s Everyday Socks by Erica Lueder. I wanted something simple, so that I could concentrate on the construction, and I didn’t want to pay money. It’s a nice pattern, but it does need to be read carefully as it isn’t as clear as it might be in one or two places.

I’m still a garment knitter at heart, but now I understand the appeal of socks, and I’m going to try to always have a pair of socks on the go that I can throw into my bag when I go out.

Next up – my second sock!

11 responses

    • I hope she will – she’s retained her interest in knitting, looking at magazines and watching what i’m doing, even though she doesn’t have the dexterity or the concentration to knit herself.

  1. Well done Jane! I’m so pleased to have been part of your inspiration, although a bit puzzled because you’re such a proficient knitter and I’m such a newbie. I’ve seen that pattern around on Ravelry, it seems quite popular and I’m glad you had good luck with it. I also see it uses circular needles, which many swear by but I have yet to try.

    Great idea to knit socks for your mum, I’m sure they will brighten her day!

    • I’ve always knitted bigger pieces, so it was an adjustment knitting something so small. And I could knit half a cardigan with the same yardage of one socks, albeit in in a heavier gauge!.

      You inspired me by making me think that if a newish knitter, with other interests and a busy life, could knit socks than so could I. Thank you for that!

      I didn’t use circular needles, and it was easy to adapt the pattern for double pins, which I prefer to magic loop or two circs. But different methods suit different knitters, so it’s worth trying both.

  2. I am TOTALLY impressed!!! I used to knit long ago, back in the dim far reaches of time. When I finally got the kids strapped into bed, & could sit down and watch tv and just relax. Knitting is very relaxing. But I haven’t done it in years — I wonder if I even remember how?

    • I’m sure your fingers willremember Kate, even if your head doesn’t think so. Why not wander over to Ravelry, where you will find some wonderful patterns and projects, and quite possible inspiration to pick up the neeedles again?

  3. Well done! I was a non-knitter for years and years, but I can do socks, on three needles, which I am very proud of – and I can do a picot top edge on them! Apart from that I can only do small toys, Aran hats, and tea cosies! I haven’t progressed to big things or garments.

    • If you can do all of that Christine, there should be nothing in a pattern for a bigger thing to phase you. I’ve made a good few hats over the last few years, but I lack the patience for the fiddly bits of toy knitting – and I don’t drink tea!

    • Thank you! I think you might be right – though the cardigans and pullovers in my queue are calling loudly too.

  4. Wow! I’m impressed. I was never more than a beginner knitter, but I’ve always been charmed by the idea of knittng socks. Maybe someday!

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