A Dog Blogs: A Little Break

Hello – it’s me, Briar!

Jane is switching the computer box off early tonight and she is coming to sit with me on the sofa. Because I have been a little bit poorly. It isn’t anything serious, I just ate something I shouldn’t have. us dogs just have to do that sometimes, it’s something inside us …  I had a little lecture, and now I am going to have some extra fuss and attention.

I shall let Jane read a book, and these pictures are a big clue about which one I think she will pick. She says it’s very good.


The first picture is me and the second picture is my computer box friend Orph.

Orph lives with a very nice lady called Cate. They live a long, long  way a long way away, the other side of the ocean. I’m a very good swimmer, but it’s a lot further than I could swim.

First Jane and Cate met on the computer box because they like lots of the same books and then I met Orph.

Aren’t computer boxes clever?

18 responses

    • Hello Alex,

      I had a very nice sleep, thank you, and I am feeling a lot better today. I’m not that fond of books, but I know they make you humans happy, so that’s good.

      Love Briar x

  1. Oh no Briar! I’m glad it isn’t anything serious! Me and Ollie have been eating a lot of bees lately and Cate doesn’t like that at all. To us, though, it’s just another way to pass the time while we lay in the sun. I’m glad Jane is sitting with you. There’s nothing like a little extra extra TLC. We’re keeping our paws crossed that you’ll be back to your lovely self soon. Cate is also – though she doesn’t have paws. Signed, Orph and Ollie….. Presidents of the Briar The Dog Fan Club.

    • Dear Orph and Ollie,

      It wasn’t anything too serious, but I was a bit poorly for a while. I have never tried a bee, but I did catch a wasp in my bay window once. I know that Cate loves you very much and Jane loves me, but humans just don’t understand some things, do they?

      Love Briar x

  2. Every once in a while Lily or Daisy will eat something they shouldn’t eat either, Briar!! Hope you feel better!!

  3. Oh Briar, I hope you won’t eat whatever it was again. Both you and Orph are darlings, and very precious to your moms. Be well, sweetie! Esme sends her best (she eats things she shouldn’t too).

    • Dear Jo,

      I have learned something, but it is a pity that a lot of things that taste nice aren’t good for me.

      Love Briar x

    • Dear Laura,

      Us Viragoite dogs are a very friendly bunch. I think Jane will be writing about The Sleeping Beauty very soon, but I may a doggy book to write about one day, and some other posts in mind. Do give my best to Woody and Lily.

      Love Briar x

  4. Yes Briar I agree with you, sometimes dogs do eat things they shouldn’t, I’m glad it isn’t just my dog (Coco) who does that. Hope you feel better soon.

    • Dear Lindy,

      I do feel better thank you. But us dogs have to investigate things, it’s what we do!

      Love Briar x

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