Books & Gardens

In honour of the Chelsea Flower Show, where this lovely Cornish garden from Burncoose Nurseries won a prize, Cornflower has sent a meme, with a gardening theme, out into the world.

One of those memes where you fill in the blanks complete the sentences with the titles of books you’ve read this year…

Early this morning as I was In The Mountains, I stepped out of The House on Paradise Street into the garden and bent down to touch A Wreath of Roses.

As dawn broke and I took in my surroundings I noticed several things: The Fever Tree was struggling due to The Tigress on the Hearth, Little Bones had been dug up in The Rose Garden under the The Play Room , but with help from Harriet and knowledge gleaned from When Nights Were Cold, I was able to bury them with A Card from Angela Carter.

Later, The Roundabout Man popped in to take a cutting or two; You do not need another self-help book, he told me, but he pointed out that She’s Never Coming Back .

Taking a well-earned rest from the weeding and chatting over the wall with The Dovekeepers from next door, I mentioned The Woman in Black and remarked on The Little Shadows , but then As It Was, we said The Beginner’s Goodbye and I went back to do a little light pruning.

My garden was once Kind of Cruel, but tending it is a joy and part of Reality and Dreams.

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