A Dog Blogs: We have been a little bit quiet …

… and I, Briar, am here to explain why.

Regular visitors will know that Jane’s mother is quite old, and that she is physically and mentally frail.

But you might not know that, because she grew up, got married, and had her first baby in a different house in the same street where we live now, she and Jane both want her to live out the rest of her days here. All of her family, her parents, her brothers, her husband, her daughter and her son, lived in this street at some point, and so she can remember them here and look out at the same view she used to see when she lived here as a little girl.

Mother suddenly became much more frail this week. She can’t manage the stairs any more, and she needs help with lots of things she could do on her own before. So Jane is organising things so that Mother can have a sitting room and bedroom all in one upstairs, and that all of her meals and everything she needs can be brought to her. Mother is very pleased with things. We have had a new aerial put in so she can watch the television upstairs, there is a special bed and a special chair coming, and we are going to have carers to come and help so that Jane can go to work and not have to worry, and so that she doesn’t get too worn out.

But it has been a lot of work for Jane, and it is painful for her to see her mother’s health failing. And she hasn’t had too much time for writing or blogging.

I am quite confused too, because everything is changing. Us dogs don’t like change.

But we think we are doing the right thing.

And we will be back soon, once we are settled into our new routine.

19 responses

  1. Sending good wishes to Jane and her mum, changing times are tough on everyone. Sounds to me like Mother is very lucky to have Jane looking after things so well.

  2. Dear Briar, you will be such a comfort to Jane right now, so I’m glad she has you there, even though you feel a bit confused by it all. Please tell Jane that I went through this with my Dad and, at the end of the day, there is a tremendous comfort in having no regrets. Do talk her into going out with you to throw a stick. It will do her the world of good.

  3. Sending prayers & best wishes. It is a blessing that she is able to be at home, and in such a familiar place. I hope all the changes go so very smoothly.

  4. I am with Jane, Briar. Currently going through a very similar thing with my grandmother and because my mum is an only child, it feels like a lot of pressure. Change is always difficult and always inevitable but the decisions can be tough ones as I am finding out.

    Briar take good care of Jane you will be a great help to her, I promise. Thinking of you all.

  5. Briar, thank you for keeping us informed when Jane is so busy. I know it will be confusing for you right now (my cats always know when something’s going on too) but you will be a huge comfort to her right now, I am sure. I hope Mother likes her new set up and is feeling better again soon x

  6. Briar, you are such a sweet dog for letting us all know what Jane is up to. It sounds like she has a very good plan for Mother. Tui has some very good advice. I hope you get out to chase a stick soon.

  7. What a thoughtful, loving and caring woman you are, Jane. If only we lived closer then Deacon could distract Briar with all sorts of fun and games while you care for your Mum. Thinking of you, take care.

  8. Mother is very fortunate to have you and Jane to care for her and to be able to stay in her familiar surroundings. I went through this time with my mother a few years ago and it is very hard. Be sure to have those lovely walks.

  9. It is wonderful that Mother can stay in her familiar surroundings with you and Jane. I know from experience how painful this time can be so be sure to take those lovely walks.

  10. Dear Briar, Jane’s mother is very lucky to have Jane (and you, of course) to care for her. How wonderful to be able to spend her days on such a familiar street filled with good memories. I hope I am able to do the same thing for my mother when the time comes. Love to you all…

  11. Tell Jane that she is doing the right thing, Briar, and although it wont be easy she will not have to live with regrets.
    Take care of her and yourself.

  12. Dear Ms. Briar, I’m only getting your post today! Please be sure to tell Jane that she and her mother are very much in our thoughts. I’m in a somewhat similar situation with my father. Understanding the toll on Jane’s emotions, the heartbreak and the daughter’s sense of duty to make it all okay. Hugs to you, little fluff, and to your lovely person, Jane. xxx

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