A Little Housekeeping …

…. time to set out a proper list of jobs, instead of thinking I need to do this or that from time to time.

They may not get done that quickly, but they will get done sometime soon.

  • Update my page for Books read in 2012 – and get in the habit of keeping it up to date.
  • Tidy up the sidebar, and sort out the links and progress reports for projects and challenges and things.
  • Rewrite my “Who Am I?” page. It’s been ages since I even looked at it.
  • Update my “Reading Cornwall” page. I have lots more books to add.
  • Update my “Orange Prize” pages – I need to add this year’s lists, and not a few more Orange books I’ve read.
  • Set up a new pages for my The Classics Club and A Non-Fiction Adventure. DONE!
  • Write that knitting post! I have five finished objects unphotographed and unblogged. So maybe more than one post.
  • And, most importantly of all – what am I going to read next?

I’m sure there’s something I’ve forgotten, but that’s enough to be getting on with …

4 responses

  1. Some days you just have to bite the bullet and do some tidying up on the blog! I know what you mean, I am always tinkering. Bt it oes rather get in the way of the reading.

  2. Good luck with your housekeeping! There are quite a few things still on my list since switching to self-hosted. I’ll have to make a list of my own!

  3. My list would be almost exactly the same as yours. I’ve managed to get around to removing stuff from my blog but haven’t added anything yet.

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