Five Lovely Things that Brightened a Grey Wednesday

  • I was on my own in the office this morning. The phone wasn’t too busy, and it was lovely, the first time it did ring, to be thanked warmly for taking a message, and told I was so much more cheerful than the person before me.
  • Dashing out of the office at lunchtime to fetch my weekly treat: a hot Warrens pasty. The advantage of working in a harbour office is that every amenity in the town is close at hand.
  • Coming home to a most effusive welcome from Briar, and a little later walking her up Chapel Street in the rain and spotting two lovely Persephone books in the window of the Hypatia Trust.
  • Sitting on the floor with my back against a lovely warm Aga and reading a lovely warm book: The J. M. Barrie Ladies’ Swimming Society by Barbara J. Zwiter.
  • Pulling more balls of yarn (Debbie Bliss Soho) out of the airing cupboard, and feeling so virtuous that I’m using the oldest yarn in my stash to knit a cardigan that will be both beautiful and useful (Golden Wheat Cardigan by Veera Välimäki). And knitting a decent number of rows while watching The Apprentice with my mother.

Simple things …

How was your Wednesday?

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  1. I try to count five lovely things each day, and it’s nice to read about someone else’s. The nicest thing about my Wednesday though was the end, at least of the work day – starting an extra-long Easter holiday.

  2. It is always the small things which make the biggest impact. Knitting and reading especially.

    I am certainly going to think of the lovely things I have over the next few days.

  3. My dear friend & her children came for lunch in our new house. The children loved our garden, we ate homemade creme egg cupcakes, drank tea & caught up with each other. Hope today is just as lovely.

  4. Well I am glad you had a good Wednesday – mine was a mixture of frustrations. I’m on holiday from work, so that’s a bonus I know.
    1. I was expecting a visit from the council – because of dreaded rats in the garden – which is stressing me out – oh the joys of living in an industrial part of the city. When they hadn’t come by almost 12.00 I rang – it’s next Weds they are coming!! : (
    2. Was waiting in for a delivery of new table and chairs for dining room, they didn’t come till 4.00 – and I needed to go out to get prescription and some other bits.
    On the up side – I made a lovely Cauliflower and Potato Curry, and a Veggie Sausage Casserole.
    Reading a lovely book though and got loads read while waiting for table to come.
    I too watched the apprentice – and had a good laugh.

  5. Your day sounds nice. I’m trying to teach myself Photoshop at the moment when my daughter is out but it’s a long haul, so I let myself get distracted by putting a film on – Me & Orson Welles. It was great! I’m not warming to any of this year’s batch of Apprentices though … but I’ll still watch for some shout at the telly therapy!

  6. I loved this post..makes you relish the simple things in life!

    *2nd comment…I think my first one went to spam. WordPress hates me lately!

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