Another Crime Fiction Alphabet

Can I do it again?

I don’t know, but I’m going to try.

I was thinking, even before the last running ended, that I could read The Quincunx for that tricky letter Q slot …

And then I thought that I could fit in some of those green Penguins that are still unread, and that would help with Reading The 20th Century.

That I could read some of the crime fiction that’s lined up for my Clearing the Decks project.

And when I looked at the timetable I realised that I could fit in a couple of Victorian crime novels to coincide with Allie’s Victorian Celebration.

I have ideas for most letters now, but I’m a little stuck on V and Y. So if you have any suggestions …

Kerrie is the host once more, and you can read all of the details on her blog.

I just have two rules of my own:

  • I will read nothing just for the sake of filling a slot; I will only read books that I would have picked up sooner or later anyway.
  • I will read crime fiction in the broadest sense; any book where crime or or the effects of crime are significant counts. I’d love to fit in a classic or two: Bleak House, Crime and Punishment, Therese Raquin …

Wish me luck!

5 responses

  1. Best of luck, Jane! I really enjoy reading your crime fiction posts so I am selfishly glad to see that you’re doing this again 🙂
    I am super tempted to do this myself as a way to get into reading crime fiction again. I’ll pop over to Kerrie’s blog to see what it’s all about before I decide!

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