A Dog Blogs: Recycling the Border Terrier Way

Hello – it’s Briar here!

I know a lot of you humans like to recycle things, and so I thought I would explain how I am doing my bit for nature and the environment.

I grow a lot of hair and when I get too shaggy Jane thins my coat out with my new Hair Raiser brush. It’s very good, and I would recommend it to anyone who has a double coat like mine.

And when the hair comes out we don’t throw it away – we recycle it. It goes out onto the garden for birds to take home to line their nests.

Today we caught one on camera for the first time.

The quality isn’t great because Jane had to take the picture very quickly through my bay window. But you can see the bird going through my hair, and I saw him fly off with a beakful.

I hope lots of birds come. I like to watch them and I like to think that my hair will make their nests nice and cosy.

7 responses

  1. You are such a thoughtful dog, Briar. I get clipped at the groomer’s because my curls are so tight and she has the right clippers (and not like a topiary, I must add). But my mom puts out the ends of her yarn on shrubs around the house and it always disappears. I like to think of their nests ending up like Fair Isle sweaters–yours will look like mohair.
    Esme the Standard Poodle

  2. We like to help the birds out with Deacon’s cast-off fur as well. The only icky part though is if it gets rained on before being carted off it looks like a dead mouse. Like I said…icky.

  3. Briar, we used to do the same with our dog, Bandit. We even used to mix it with sheep fleece and spin into wool!

    I am sure the bird will be warm.

  4. Briar – you keep doing these things that make us love you all the more! Wishfully thinking we were groomable…..Orph and Ollie. (btw – bet you look quite glam with your new ‘do’…..wag, wag, wag)

  5. How bird-friendly you are indeed, Briar! I never thought of that before. The only thing my dog Sandy “contributes” (though not voluntarily) to the birds over here is her uneaten doggy kibbles, if at all there are any uneaten ones. :p

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