A Dog Blogs: A New Job


Today was Jane’s first day doing her new job. When she came home she said she thought it would be alright, but she was a bit tired. She’s got out of the way of working all day because it’s been quite a while since she left her last job.

I have tried to keep her busy …

Anyway, I said I would look after the blog for her tonight. But then I realised that I don’t know much about books. Or about knitting.

Except that knitting is good for sitting on and books aren’t.

I’m more interest in beaches and tennis balls and squirrels.

And cheese and walks and nice cushions to sit on.

Jane is knitting me a squirrel cushion …

And she will be back soon to write about books and to do other bloggish things.


Briar x x x

9 responses

  1. Don’t worry about not knowing much about books, Briar – tennis balls and cheese are just as interesting 😉

    Enjoy watching the progress of your new squirrel cushion being made and wish Jane a happy new job x

  2. A squirrel cushion! You lucky dog, you. I hope you pose with it for a pic when it’s finished. Please tell Jane I wish her well with her new job, if you don’t mind, Briar? Thank you.

  3. Briar,

    Thanks for the update and I so hope that cushion is wonderful. Make sure to have Jane take a picture of you resting on it after you’ve chased some squirrels!

  4. Glad it went well Jane – it’s so tiring going back to work. Hope you settle in quickly, and that Briar looks after things whule you’re out each day 🙂

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