Talking of Jobs …

… I’ve just been volunteered for another one. I am now the treasurer of our newly constituted friends of the library group.

On one hand I didn’t need the extra commitment, but on the other hand the job had to be done, nobody else was going to step forward, and sometimes you have to stand up and be counted.

And because:

Lots of ideas have been thrown into the air, but if there’s anyone out there with any more, or any experiences to share, I’d love to know.

I want to help move this group forward, and boost the library, as well as looking after the funds.

And, if you’re a librarian, I’d love to know what you think the best things – and the worst things – a library friends group can do are.

5 responses

  1. Perhaps a questionnaire could be made available to all the users of the library which would enable them to communicate their wishes and requirements to the library. The leaflets could be left in a prominent position and those wishing to take part could do so by filling in the forms and returning them at a later date (with a set time limit) so that the information imparted would give the library group an idea of what sort of institution their users wanted. Your group could devise a serious of yes/no or alternative choice questions whilst leaving room for a comment box. Failing that a poster asking library users for their thoughts and ideas with a suggestions box beside it might provide some useful information for your group.

    It’s always difficult to come up with ideas so the more brains you can pick the better.

    You could always hold coffee mornings to raise funds for certain projects. I will make cake! 🙂

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