Reading the 20th Century

Towards the end of last year an idea for a new project began to take shape in my head …

Reading the 20th Century: One hundred books, one for each year …

A long term project – but let’s say two years.

A project to make me pull out more books from the Virago bookcase, the Persephone bookcase, the shelves of elderly Penguins, the shelves of older hardbacks.

And a project to remind me to order a few more of the older books that the library has stored away in the fiction reserve.

Books I have yet to read and books that I read years ago that I really want to pick up again.

And while I was pondering Simon was a step ahead of me posting.

So I have borrowed his logo, and I’ll be watching what he reads for ideas.

The book I wrote about yesterday – The Man in the Queue by Josephine Tey – means that 1929 is done. And I’ve just finished anther book for 1960.

So that’s just 98 books to go, and a project page to write …

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  1. Oh good, another person to get ideas from. I’m rather expecting that it will take two years, too. I’ve only done 1976 so far….hadn’t thought of Josephine Tey, I wonder if the library has any?

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