A Year in First Lines

I was writing a serious end of year post about books, but then I was distracted by a rather nice meme.

“Take the first line of each month’s post over the past year and see what it tells you about your blogging year.”

I spotted it at Reading, Fuelled by Tea, and I believe it started with The Indextrious Reader.

Now, here goes …


“You may recall that a few weeks ago I was reorganising shelves and boxes of books, and bringing my LibraryThing records up to date.”

from I have been up into the attic …


“I keep meaning to write posts, to answer comments and emails, to visit other blogs, but life keeps distracting me.”

from An A to Z, Looking Behind and Ahead


“I didn’t mean to disappear for so long, but I’ve been up in the attic.”

from Of Attics and Rediscovering Books


“Summer is fading, the temperature is dropping, and the evenings are drawing in.”

from As Summer Ends, RIP VI Begins …


“I wondered for a while what to give to Verity and Ken on this, the day of their marriage.”

from A Gift for Verity and Ken on their Wedding Day: The Virago Book of Weddings and Marriage


“Last year I was both charmed and moved by Elizabeth Speller’s first novel, The Return of Captain John Emmett.”

from The Strange Fate of Kitty Easton by Elizabeth Speller


“The self-service mailing machine was out of order – again.”

from A Journey Begins in the Post Office Queue


“It appeals greatly to the logical side of my mind that the book I am writing about for P in my Crime Fiction Alphabet was published as a green Penguin.”

from Crime Fiction Alphabet: P is for Potts


“I am a little disorientated.”

from True Things About Me by Deborah Kay Davies


It’s Been a Strange Week.

from Still Aiming to Clear the Decks


“When Katherine of Gaskell Blog extended an invitation to a group read of The Moorland Cottage I was delighted and, I must confess, a little surprised.”

from Visiting The Moorland Cottage


“I was going to be terribly organised today and write a reading resolutions post, but my brain is saying no, it really doesn’t want to think that hard.”

from Clearing The Decks: Round 4

I think I have to conclude that I am maybe a little preoccupied with attics and reorganisation. Revealing my inner accountant maybe!

6 responses

  1. Great meme – all my first posts of the month are round up posts from the previous months reading. It might be worth me reading back though to see how I started each post!

  2. Thanks for joining in…I love your October line…sounds like you spent a lot of time in the attic 🙂

    I enjoy seeing the shape of the year through these first lines. I always intend to sound very clever by year’s end but only remember to think about first lines for about three months and then revert to my usual posting without preplanning specific sentences!

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