While Briar sleeps at her end of the sofa ….

…. I have been busy at my end.

Kate has mailed out the schedule for her year-long readalong of Les Miserables. And she mentioned that she has marked the weekly installments on her copy.

I loved that idea and have done the same thing with my copy.

I may fall behind, I may get ahead, but I am sure that seeing the installments so clearly will help me through.

And I’ve been knitting a hat. And, for the very first time, knitting sideways instead of bottom up,

I love the pattern and I have learned, and now love, Japanese short rows No more wrapping stitches and getting confused about what to do with the wrap for me!

And I should mention that the pattern is Anlalya by Mary Kay Gumayagay.

And, of course, I’m reading. Miracle on Regent Street is a wonderful book to get lost in. London in December with just a touch of fairy dust.

I was particularly pleased when the story took me to a tavern in Lamb’s Conduit Street. Oh to have been there and to have had the chance to nip out to the Persephone bookshop. I should love to introduce Evie, the heroine, to Miss Pettigrew …

Meanwhile Briar sleeps. She did head to the front door, but when I opened it and she saw the rain she turned around, glared at me and climbed back on to her cushion.

5 responses

    • She loves swimming Kathy, but it has to be on her terms. Even at the age of six she hasn’t accepted that I can’t turn the rain off!

  1. It’s raining heavily here too and my own little dog (called Aria) is also sleeping on the couch. I’m the one who took a look outside and decided we were staying in though!
    Miracle on Regent Street sounds fun – enjoy!

  2. Briar sounds like my Daisy…when it’s raining she just refuses to go past the threshold!! I think I would like Miracle on Regent Street…sounds lovely from your description. Have fun with Les Miserables!

  3. I love Briar! That made me laugh out loud thinking about her glaring at you because it’s raining!

    Yay for Miracle on Regent Street – I had the same reaction when they went to the Lamb’s Conduit too as about 18 months ago I went down to London and met up with a group of book bloggers and that’s where we met (it also incuded a little trip to Persophone).

    I didn’t know about the Les Mis read-a-long. If it’s a year, then I think I want to join in – it’s the only way I’ll get it read otherwise (soooo big!). Thanks for the link – off to check it out 🙂

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