What’s in a Name Challenge: An Ending and a Beginning

Three years ago “What’s in a Name” was the very first challenge I signed up for via this blog. It was also the first challenge I completed.

Beth at Beth Fish Reads is the host, and there’s a dedicated blog for this year’s challenge here.

It’s a lovely challenge, and of course I signed up for a second year. And a third

It’s really simple. Just read one book from each of six categories. And now I’ve done it for a third time

Here are the categories and the books I’ve read:

  • A book with a number in the title:

13, rue Thérèse by Elena Mauli Shapiro

  • A book with jewelry or a gem in the title:

Death Wore a Diadem by Iona McGregor

  • A book with a size in the title:

Great House by Nicole Krauss

  • A book with travel or movement in the title:

Miss Ranskill Comes Home by Barbara Euphan Todd

  • A book with evil in the title:

The True Tale of the Monster Billy Dean by David Almond

  • A book with a life stage in the title:

Parents and Children by Ivy Compton-Burnett

Not the books I’d planned, but I was very happy with my final sextet.

And am I signing up for another year? Of course!

All of the details are here.

Here are the new categories, and the books that I have in mind:

  • A book with a topographical feature (land formation) in the title:

Small Island by Andrea Levy

  • A book with something you’d see in the sky in the title:

Shadow of the Sun by Lily Dunn

  • A book with a creepy crawly in the title:

A History of Insects by Yvonne Roberts

  • A book with a type of house in the title:

The Priory by Dorothy Whipple

  • A book with something you’d carry in your pocket, purse, or backpack in the title:

The Book of Months by E F Benson

  • A book with a something you’d find on a calendar in the title:

The Fortnight in September by R C Sheriff

A couple of those categories were tricky, but I got there in the end and I had a lovely time going through my bookshelves, looking for a book I wanted to read to fit each category.

Wish me luck!

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