A Dog Blogs: A News Bulletin


This is Briar The Dog, reporting from the Virago Bookcase.

Here are the headlines:

Jane is on a course for two days. She hopes that it will help her to secure a new job. I like having her home, but the money she earns going out to work would come in useful.

Preparations for the Virago Secret Santa are progressing well. We have books and our next step is to find wrappings, cards and other accountrements. Then we can send it off in the post. Isn’t it exciting?

Mother will be having a 78th birthday next Tuesday. Her birthday cardigan is knitted and ready to wear, though I havent had a chance to sit on it yet. And Jane will be making an old fashioned high tea, as Mother likes that. I’m hoping someone will think of the dog and save her a sausage on a stick.

WordPress is playing up! Is it just us or is anybody else having problems?The spell-checker has vanished!  And it refused to upload my photograph, so today’s picture is brought to you courtest of Photobucket.

Finally, I must apologise for my rather unkempt appearance. My hairbrush broke! Jane is going to buy me a new one, but she says it isn’t easy to find something sturdy enough to deal with a border terrier coat. We need good coats because we are outdoor action dogs!

Otherwise it’s business as usual around here.

Jane will be back soon.

And I am going to have a little snooze …

8 responses

  1. Nice to hear from you Briar! Fingers crossed for Jane’s course leading to something. Excited about Virago secret santa here too – can’t wait!!

  2. Oh Briar, we’ll take you any way we can get you…scruffy or sleek. And I had a good laugh about you sitting on a certain sweater!

    All the best with your course, Jane!

  3. Briar, so good to hear from you. We press our handknit socks that way here too, except Tui puts them under the couch cushions where I can’t get at them. I’m going for my pre-Christmas trim tomorrow morning so I’m a bit scruffy looking myself. Hope the course does bring a new job for Jane.
    Esme Poodle

  4. Briar, I’m so sorry to have missed your post. My WP has been playing up too and putting all the blog posts I subscribe to in my spam folder! Grrr.

    Hope you enjoyed your party and got that sausage on a stick!

    Princess Saffy and Boof send their love (not really, they’re too busy sleeping, but anyway…)

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