An A to Z, Looking Behind and Ahead

I keep meaning to write posts, to answer comments and emails, to visit other blogs, but life keeps distracting me.

One day – soon I hope – I’ll catch up with myself again.

But, for now, here’s an A to Z of this and that, some of the nicer bits of life,  just to get me back into the writing habit.

A is for ADVENT WITH AUSTEN –  quite irresistible! I’d like to reread Northanger Abbey, maybe watch a film or two, pick up Marghanita Laski’s biography, which I know is in stock in the library …

B is for BORDER TERRIER, and indeed for BRIAR. There’s nothing like a dog for reminding you what’s really important in life and for reminding you how unnecessarily complicated we make the world sometimes.

C is for CHINA COURT by Rumer Godden. Virago have acquired the rights to many of her out of print works, hopefully including this Cornish-set story. But I have an older copy tucked away in my library pile.

D is for DAISY BUSH (or oleria if you prefer Latin). It’s difficult to find shrubs that will thrive on the seafront, but this one is growing away.

E is for ELIZABETH CHADWICK. I’m nearing the end of Lady of the English and, even though I know the history and exactly what will happen, I am hooked.

F is for FINALLY FINISHED my Sedgemoor, nearly two years after I started knitting. It was going beautifully. until I realised that I had missed a pattern repeat before the armhole shaping on the back and both front. Discouraged, I pushed it to one side and allowed myself to be distracted by other projects. Eventually I picked it up again, ripped back a good bit and then knitted until it was done. I’ll organise proper photographs one day, but it looks just like the one on the cover of the magazine.

G is for GERMAN LITERATURE MONTH. This week features crime fiction and I have two books, both looking very promising, lined up …

H is for HARCOURT. Lustre by Ed Harcourt is lodged in my head, and it won’t come out.

I is for IT’S ONLY THE SISTER by Angela Du Maurier. Daphne’s sister writes of her life with such love, such verve, that it is impossible not to be swept along.

J is for JUNIPER. I found a sealed bag of juniper berries in the back of a kitchen cupboard, and now I am trying to remember what recipe I bought them for …

K is for KNIT NOW. A lovely new knitting magazine, focusing on accessories and small projects. I particularly like these gloves, and I have another project lined up at letter S.

L is for LOW TIDE. It’s low tide at walk time in the mornings at the moment so my dog is exceedingly happy.

M is for MEDIAEVAL BAEBES, who I love dearly.

N is for THE NIGHT CIRCUS. I’ve been in the library queue for ages but now I have my book.

O is for OLIVIA GLAZEBROOK. I noticed The Trouble With Alice, her first novel in the Short Books catalogue and I nabbed a copy on ReaditSwapit. Looks good!

P is for PRAA SANDS. we visited last week for the first time in years and we had a wonderful morning. peace and beauty for humans, and sand, sea and much to sniff for dogs!

Q is for Q BY EVAN MANDERY, which landed in my porch a few days ago. I love the concept – what would you do if your future self visited, and told you that you must not marry the love of your life?!

R is for RAIN. Inevitable in Cornwall in the autumn.

S is for SNOOD. Another must-knit project from Knit Now. I have the yarn, I have the needles but I have another project with a deadline at letter X to be finished first.

T is for TREVAYLOR WOODS, a wonderful place to walk at any time of year, but especially lovely in autumn.

U is for UNWANTED by Kristina Ohlsson, which I hope to be reading very soon.

V is for VIRAGO SECRET SANTA, which is always a delight. Sign-ups are underway at the LibraryThing Virago Modern Classics Group.

W is for WHEN YOU WALK IN THE ROOM by Fyfe Dangerfield. One of those songs that always works for me.

X is for XPRESS CARDIGAN. Back in the summer I offered to make my mother an aran cardigan for her birthday. She didn’t show much interest and so I shelved the idea. But a few weeks ago, when she saw my Sedgemoor, she was smitten and asked if I could do something similar for her birthday, which by then was just six weeks away. She picked a pattern – Paperboy Cardigan by Debbie O’Neill – and she picked some yarn and I began to knit. As fast and as often as I could. I have three weeks left and just the sleeves, the band and sewing up to do, so I think I’ll get there.

Y is for YARN SALES. I’m having a destash on ebay, partly to raise a little money while I’m not working and partly because sometimes I am seduced by a beautiful skein only to find there’s nothing I want to knit with it.


Back soon …

8 responses

  1. I love this! What a great way to catalog all of the the positive and exciting things in your life. I enjoy reading about your knitting projects – I have zero knitting capabilities,but I like to see what others create.

  2. Ooh, lots of interesting tidbits there! I can’t wait to tell my knitting friends about the magazine and Rumer Godden…she’s a recent discovery for me, I adored An Episode of Sparrows. And congratulations on finishing Sedgemoor, it’s stunning!

  3. What a lovely way to get back into writing and letting us all know that you are ok.

    The snood looks great, I have knitted a shawl before using that dropped stitch pattern, it is frightening the first time you drop it, but then it becomes quite therapeutic!

    Keep well, Jane.

  4. Congratulations on finishing the knitted sweater. I’m working on a simple pattern but have had to rip it out a bit–know the feeling—usually over stupid errors!
    Do not knit after 9pm!!!!

  5. I love this post! Great to see I’m not the only one getting into the knitting as the cold nights draw in, although I’m still mastering the scarf! Talk about novice knitter! I would love to make an aran cardy, maybe next year.

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