A Dog Blogs: Now We Are Six

Happy birthday to me! Six today!

That’s why I have been allowed to take over the blog for the night.

It’s been a lovely day.

I have had presents: a new collar and lead, and a small hambone.

And  we went out to Marazion. I ran about and played on the grass and on the beach, and I swam in the river. It was great!

There would have been photographs, but Jane’s phone is kaput and we are waiting for a new one and I will make sure Jane takes a picture of me in my nice new collar. In the meantime, we did a collage of some nice old pictures of me to mark the occasion.

I am going to settle down in my armchair now and have a little nap, because I have had a very busy day.

Jane will be back tomorrow, talking about books I expect.

16 responses

  1. Happy Birthday, doggy-woggy! And how lovely to go to Marazion, with the view of St Michael’s Mount, and the causeway to that magical island! Glad you and Jane have had a good day!

  2. To our favourite little English border terrier, Miss Briar…happy birthday, cutie pie! Love and cuddles from Orph and Ollie (those dachshunds from across the pond).

    p.s. Any of that hambone left? Hmmmmmm Goood!

  3. Dear Briar, many happy returns, you dear thing. You are the sweetest girl and have fans all around the world. Esme sends her kindest regards from the lofty age of 7 (in September). Hugs and scratches!

  4. Briar, I’m so sorry I missed your birthday – for some reason my subscription to your mums blog hasn’t been sending me emails with updates (I thought she’d gone quiet so popped over to check).

    It sounds like you had a fun birthday. Six is great age to be – in doggy years that makes you only 2 years older than me! 🙂

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