The Lovers by Raymond Peynet

A few weeks ago, at our local art gallery book sale, an old numbered orange Penguin caught my eye. Now there’s nothing unusual about that, but there were a few unusual things about this particular book.

It’s not the usual size of a Penguin book. It’s a size up, and too big for the shelves where my other old Penguins live.

The price appeared on the cover, and it was in dollars and cents, not pounds shillings and pence. I wonder how my book found its way across the Atlantic.

And when I opened it I found few words, but many wonderful pictures.

I was charmed.

I had discovered Raymond Peynet, and “Les Amoureux de Peynet.” A poet and his lady-love. A couple with such wonderful Gallic charm, whose pictures said so much about love, attraction and romance.

And I had a book that I could happily keep on my bedside table, so that I could meander through its pages and smile over and over again.

Not a book of words but a book of images, so I will share just a few:

There is much more to discover at the official website of Raymond Peynet.

I suspect that I will be visiting often …

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  1. I found him in the 60’s and was charmed by that book. I lost my battered copy when I moved house. 😦

    Lovely to see those images again. 🙂

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