A Dog Blogs: A Problem in the Park


It’s me, Briar.

A little while ago Jane wrote a post about me and squirrels and the squirrel tree in the park. She got nearly everything right, and the bits she got wrong I can’t tell you. I can’t give away doggy trade secrets!

But I have a problem. I can’t get to the squirrel tree.

Look! It’s been fenced off!

A big branch came down in the wind and tree surgeons had to come and cut it off properly and take it away. They have done a very good job, but the tree is still fenced off and I can’t see the squirrels.

The wind wasn’t that strong, so Jane and I are very worried that the branch coming down is a sign that the tree is diseased and we might lose it. It is a lovely tree. Where would the squirrels go? How would I find them?

I had to sit in the middle of the park to keep an eye on things.

I didn’t see any squirrels at all, and I had to resort to stalking blackbirds. It wasn’t the same at all!

Please keep your fingers crossed for my tree and my squirrels.

7 responses

  1. Dear Briar

    Oh no, I’m so sorry to hear that you didn’t get to stalk and chase the squirrels today. Blackbirds are fun but not the same, like you say.

    My fingers are firmly crossed that business resumes as normal very soon.

    Love Boof (a cat owner) x

    • Dear Boof,

      Thank you for understanding, and for the use of your fingers.

      I am not at all fond of cats. When i was a little puppy I went up to one to say hello and he scrathed me on my nose. That’s not nice. But I will make an exception for you cat, who I am sure has been better brought up.

      Love Briar x

      • Dear Briar

        My name is Boof – not the imposter who writes my mum’s blog and pinches my name, but the real Boof – a cat!

        I’m not really fond of dogs either but my animal-loving, name-pinching mum seems to love them so I’ll make an exception for you. I also have a sister called Princess Saffy who is fat and lazy.

        Love Boof (the real one!) x

  2. Dear Briar, Esme here, the standard poodle in Canada. Now that’s just not fair. Squirrels are our life. I hope the Queen can solve this for you
    (I understand she likes dogs…good for her). I don’t know what it is about you but whenever my Mom sees a pic of you, she gets all gooey and wants to talk to you in that lovey voice she gets. I think you look like a scruffy git myself but she says you are beautiful. Oh well, I know I’m the best looking thing on four legs, so I’m not worried.
    Esme Poodle in rural Ontario

    • Dear Esme,

      I saw your picture when your Mum put your picture on LibraryThing, and you are indeed beautiful. My vet has three poodles, and he going to retire to spend more time with them.

      I am naturally scruffy, but Jane does brush me most evenings and she says she will send me to be stripped before my birthday next month. Usually I am too busy with patrolling, supervising the promenade, guarding the house and managing my household staff to spend much time on beautification.

      Consulting Her Majesty is a very good idea, and I shall draft a letter to her corgis.

      Love Briar x

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